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World class cuisine elevated to an otherworldly dining experience

To dine at Cayo Levantado Resort is to savor a truly global dining experience. Inspired by the very best cuisine in the world, and with a strong emphasis on the rich cultural traditions and the freshest of local ingredients, the resort offers a variety of gastronomy possibilities. Created for the discerning traveler’s needs and desires for enrichment with an attention to the utmost in quality and creativity, the restaurants of Cayo Levantado Resort invite all to sample world class cuisine crafted with the soul of the Caribbean.
Palma Real - International Buffet

Palma Real


Named for Samaná Bay’s distinctive palm tree, PALMA REAL was created to bring the experience enjoyed at the area’s local markets to our island escape. The restaurant is designed to foster a lively sense of community, with the open market concept showcasing different areas offering a wide array of international cuisine and dining enjoyment "The Unexpected".  Alongside an array of Dominican specialties, Palma Real offers Italian pastas and pizzas, fresh seafood including sushi, sashimi and ceviches, and wonderful selection of desserts from our French patisserie. Prepared in an open kitchen that allows the chefs’ skill and passion to be on full display, a full menu for breakfast is served in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that marries exquisite global flavors with the pulse of the local people.

  • International
  • Reservation not required
Beach Club Olah


Beach Club

Embracing the natural rhythm so unique to Cayo Levantado, the Beach Club OLAH, including the Pool, Bar and Restaurant, pays tribute to the undulating waters of Samaná Bay. In tune with the daily ebb and flow of the tides, the club offers guests a place for meaningful relaxation and community, with a variety of enjoyment, entertainment and dining options. 

Steps from the beach, the Beach Club OLAH's pool is a showpiece of the resort, drawing guests in to enjoy it's refreshing water and the relaxed comfort of it's patios and pathways. Nestled within the propical, landscaped environment, it wonderfully captures the relaxed pace of the island's natural rhythm.

CAREY International Restaurant - By day, the restaurant, Carey, offers a leisurely atmosphere with a diverse menu of lunch and snacking favorites along with an á la carte selection of Mediterranean and modern Japanese specialties. Inviting all to lounge into the afternoon, the restaurant carries a reduced menu of snacks and refreshments for all enjoying the beach and pool.

  • International
  • Reservation not required

À la carte restaurants - World class cuisine in an otherworldly setting

Cayo Levantado - Carey Restaurant


Cuisine Fusion Nikkei

As evening settles onto the island, the restaurant transforms to become CAREY, an gourmet dining experience, with a contemporary menu of world class cuisine and expertly mixed cocktails in a sophisticated setting. 


  • Modernist
  • Dress code: Resort Chic
  • Reservation required
Santa Yuca Slow Food

Santa Yuca

Slow Food Experience

Based in a healthy respect for the land and its traditions, SANTA YUCA takes the relaxed, easy pace of island life to heart. Proudly part of the Yubarta wellness area, emphasizing sustainably sourced, fresh produce and time-honored, slow cooking traditions, Santa Yuca invites guests to take their time. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with healthy snacks by the pool, the inventive menu is rich in local ingredients, many of which are cultivated in our organic garden, Designed by our team of chefs and mixologists, and overseen by expert nutritionists, the menu elevates personal wellness as an important tenant of any experience at Cayo Levantado Resort.


  • Healthy
  • Dress code: Resort Chic
  • Reservation required
Dominican Restaurant Senda


Dominican Cusine

A hidden treasure among the restaurants of Cayo Levantado Resort, SENDA raises the already high bar of quality and experience to even greater culinary heights. Meaning pathway, the restaurant takes inspiration from the work of legendary Dominican poet, Pedro Mir, takes design cues from his “There is a Country in the World,” and takes guests on a surprising journey through local cuisine and culture. Here, traditional Dominican cuisine and local delicacies are paired with exceptional wines to act as your guide to exploring the island’s culture and history. Each room and atmosphere leads guests through the distinct geography and storied customs creating a sensorial experience like no other. The resort’s signature dining experience, Senda gives visitors an exciting addition to the exceptional all-inclusive offerings, and gives the most talented local chefs the opportunity to showcase their most creative expressions of the local fare.


  • Dominican
  • Dress code: Resort Chic
  • Reservation required
  • Available to all guests for an additional cost
Cayo Levantado Resort


Steak House. Meats & Supreme Cuts

At MANAYA, steak takes the spotlight, offering fire grilled delicacies that take inspiration from tradition to create a truly elevated gastronomy experience. Available to all wishing to go beyond the resort’s exceptional all-inclusive offerings, Manaya gives guests the opportunity to explore a world class menu of select cuts from Spain, the U.S., Australia and Japan, along with an outstanding selection of fresh fish. All of it expertly paired with an outstanding wine list and enjoyed in an interior that immerses guests in textures of indigenous wood and stone blended to create a comfortable atmosphere that is in rhythm with the dancing flames of the grill. And it's the perfect setting for a special dinner.


  • Steakhouse
  • Dress code: Resort Chic
  • Reservation required
  • Available to all guests for an additional cost


To raise a toast at Cayo Levantado Resort is to experience a captivating mix of the Caribbean spirit. Visitors choose from *seven unique bars located throughout the island, each boasting specialty handmade cocktails, along with extensive local and international wine and beer selections, and a wide array of soft drinks. Each bar experience features both classic and signature drinks as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Created by expert bartenders at the resort’s mixology laboratory, all our signature cocktails utilize the latest trends and highest quality, natural ingredients, many of which come from our own botanical garden. From the relaxed to the lively, the expertly curated bars perfectly complement the pulse and pace of the island’s diverse activities. *The bars at Manaya and Senda are available to all guests for an additional cost.
Lobby Bar Coa

Coa - Lobby bar

No space better exemplifies the welcoming nature of Cayo Levantado Resort than COA. An extension of the grand lobby, the bar acts as a hub of activity, equally suited for leisurely occasions in the well appointed lounge, as well as more passionate pursuits around the piano. Taking its cues from the most colorful aspects of Dominican character, Coa embraces the distinct cultural rhythm of the island and its people, inviting discovery and encouraging participation in the local art of joyful socializing.

Bar La Placita

La Placita - Terrace bar

Whether it’s a planned rendezvous or a chance encounter, LA PLACITA boasts the resorts most scenic place to meet, share adventures and toast to friendships, new and old. Inspired by the island’s maritime character, and nestled within the Victorian garden, the little plaza and its charming gazebo offers all an elevated cocktail experience where the sea meets the skies and the magnificent views wonderfully frame any occasion.

Beach Bar Jaiba

Jaiba - Beach bar

Named for the curious, electric blue crab that roams the sands, JAIBA begs for its own kind of discovery. An extension of the Beach Club, the bar offers both poolside elegance as well as beachfront charm, inviting all to settle in or step out onto the waiting sands. The refreshments reward exploration too, with an eclectic range of cocktails along with cava and champagne combined with fresh local fruits. Capped off by a daily sunset experience with signature cocktails and local DJs, Jaiba creates an atmosphere that’s in perfect harmony with the adjoining beach, inviting guests to stroll, wonderfully-crafted cocktail in hand.

La Molienda

La Molienda - CAFÉ & SHOP​

A time-honored Dominican pastime, the ritual of coffee on Cayo Levantado is as constant as the rise and fall of the waves themselves. Taking its name from the customary hand grinding of local beans, LA MOLIENDA café and shop welcomes guests to enjoy its smooth, rich coffees of Dominican origin, handmade pastries and cakes throughout the day. A staff of baristas eagerly create a range of espresso drinks customizable to taste for guests to enjoy a break from the day to revitalize and socialize. A shop of hand picked, sustainably sourced coffees, tobaccos, sweets and spirits makes a stop at Molienda a fulfilling important part of the daily routine

Bar Yubarta

BAR SAVIA- Wellness Area

Embracing the natural rhythm so unique to Cayo Levantado, the Beach Club Pool, Bar and
Restaurant pays tribute the undulating waters of Samaná Bay. In tune with the daily ebb and
flow of the tides, the club offers guest the opportunity for community and a shared enthusiasm for a meaningful, authentic Dominican experience.

Simi Baez

Bar Simi Baez - Welcome Bar

An island inspired cocktail and toast completes each guest’s seamless check in. Just past the lush, tropical gardens guests are treated to grand ocean vistas, where a boat awaits to take all on the short but memorable sail to Cayo Levantado Resort, where the journey continues.