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Dominican Republic

The heart and soul of the Caribbean

To the furthest corner of the Dominican Republic...

Live the all inclusive Caribbean: from the wildest Caribbean in Samaná, to the one you’ve always imagined in Bávaro, and a visit to the most accessible in La Romana. A great destination? Absolutely. There are many more, and we want to show you all of them. Discover the Dominican Republic with us staying in any of our 14 Bahia Principe hotels. Its lush nature will thrill you, the fun will make you feel like a child, and you will get to know a country that you never imagined could offer so much.
A culture to get into

The Dominican Republic is the birthplace of meringue and traditional Caribbean music. Its culture is unique and its open and cheerful people are the best hosts. Discover its cuisine by taste-testing the variety of different plantain and bean meals and trying new and flavorful dishes. In no time at all, you’ll feel right at home.

Lush landscapes

Venture to every corner of the island and discover its natural wonders and splendor. The different landscapes in the Dominican Republic, from shining lagoons with crystalline waters and white sand beaches, hold a surprise around every corner.

Stories to tell

This ancient colony, discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, has kept its colonial roots, with distinct historical features throughout the island. Soak up the cultures on different routes throughout the island.

Basic Info and Tips for holidays in the Dominican Republic

  • The Dominican Republic is considered to be the heart of the Caribbean for its central location, originality and culture.
  • Swing around the dance floor with original music and moves, in the birthplace of merengue and traditional Caribbean music.
  • No need to bring a jacket on your trip to the Dominican, this tropical paradise boasts a wonderful year-round average temperature of 77º F.
  • Be sure to switch over your money so you can shop the cobblestone streets downtown using the Dominican peso.

Bahia Principe Recommendations

In Dominican Republic you can chose the perfect destination depending on your preferences. In one hand you can find all the colorful world under the Sea in Punta Cana, and in the other a green world over the see in the north of the Island, on Samana. Discover all the things you can do in Dominican Republic.