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Yubarta - Cayo Levantado Resort

Opening : 1 June 2023
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Cayo Levantado Resort
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To enter the gates of Yubarta is to transport oneself to another dimension of connectivity – to the natural surroundings, to the present moment, and to one’s own body, mind and soul. ​ Cayo Levantado Resort strives to offer guests the most elevated island escape available. One that encourages a level of personal development that goes beyond simply a welcome vacation to become a journey of discovery. We embrace the role of guidance in this journey, and proudly offer another level to our wellness experience. ​

The YUBARTA experience offers guests another dimension of growth and awareness. Housed within the island’s central tropical gardens, dedicated ateliers allow for personal creativity, a meditation temple surrounds guests with plush open areas and training spaces allows for a oneness with the natural surroundings.
Cayo Levantado Resort - The Yubarta Gate

The Yubarta Gate

  • -Personalization drives the Yubarta experience. Offering the highest level of customization and expert guidance, the activities and programs here can be tailored to each guest, with an emphasis on maximizing fitness and mindfulness opportunities. ​
  • -Mindfulness is an overall theme at Yubarta. With special attention to creating an atmosphere that emphasizes the finding of a persona rhythm so important to wellness, a rich program of meditation in its many forms.​
  • -Nourishment is taken to the next level at Yubarta as well. Trained nutritionist work with guests to offer natural food and drink that is designed to achieve specific objectives.​

*Offered as an exciting addition to the all-inclusive, the Yubarta Gate is an elevated experience for personal growth and discovery.