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Hotels in Jamaica for vacations to a reggae beat

Where is Runaway Bay?

Runaway Bay in Jamaica is renowned as one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Caribbean. With its warm and humid climate, lush vegetation thrives, creating idyllic landscapes to enjoy. Moreover, Jamaica is the birthplace of music and the home of Bob Marley, where genres like reggae and ska originated, and Rastafarian culture remains an integral part of the island to this day. It's a destination that combines natural diversity with Jamaica's unique musical and cultural legacy.

In the Runaway Bay hotels, visitors can find both entertainment and relaxation, with leisure options ranging from dancing to moments of sun-soaked rest. Jamaica offers an enriching and diverse experience that blends its natural beauty with vibrant music and a rich culture that sets it apart in the world.

Jamaica is diversity, freedom and feeling. But, above all else, Jamaica is the land of Bob Marley. It’s the land of music. The best place in the world if pure rhythm is your thing. It was here that Bob Marley was born as well as some of the most vibrant sounds in history, such as ska, dub, reggae, calypso… As well as the Rastafarian culture that sprang up around it and that today is known as one of its trademarks.

What to do during your vacation at Runaway Bay?

Among the natural attractions that the spectacular Jamaican mountains offer up are the impressive waterfalls that dot its jungles and natural parks. Some of the most famous are Dunn’s River Falls, which are surrounded by a natural park belonging to the Ocho Ríos area.

Did you know that the famous Blue Mountain coffee was born in these mythical mountains? But Jamaicans don’t just live on coffee. The best tables in the best restaurants in Jamaica always include seafood and shellfish that have been grilled; meat, especially goat curry; cassava, yam, rum and plantains. Among the most attractive and aromatic dishes that you must try are “Jamaican Festival”, “Ackee”, “Breadfruit” and “Jerk”. Each mouthful will take you to a new world of sensations.

Where to stay at Runaway Bay?

When booking your all-inclusive vacation at Runaway Bay, you’ll find the perfect combination of nature and service. Bahia Principe hotels are 5-star category all-inclusive hotels specifically designed for families or just for adults. And best of all, you’ll find special offers to make your dreams a reality.

Why Choose Runaway Bay for Your Next Vacation?

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