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A passionate, fun loving country

Let yourself be swept away by Spanish passion.

The climate, beaches, landscape, cuisine, historical legacy, festivals and people make Spain one of the most visited countries in the world. What better place is there to enjoy a sunset, good food and unbeatable company than Spain?
Laid back way of life

The Spanish mindset is based on a carefree lifestyle where the only way to live life is to do things that make you happy. Embrace this mentality as you go on new adventures and live it up to the fullest.

Come fall in love with this country over and over again

Discover Spain throughout the day and night. Become one with the culture enjoying traditional tapas or dancing the night away to the beat of flamenco.

Rich history

Dating back to the 1500’s this extensive history can be felt as you walk down the ancient streets or visit the historic sites in beautiful cities around the country. Each region of Spain is inherently unique creating a colorful mix of personalities and cultures.

Basic Info and Tips for holidays in Spain

  • To enjoy the Spanish shopping and culinary scene to the fullest be sure to bring some European euros to help pay for your excursions.
  • Dining in Spain is a unique experience not only for the tapas but also because they eat lunch around 2:00pm and don’t eat dinner until 9:00pm each day.
  • Spain is made up of 17 regions each famous for their individual landscape and cultural identity.
  • Bahia Principe hotel’s located in Spain, are on the stunning Balearic Islands located to the east of Spain and in the Canary Islands located off the western coast of Africa.

Bahia Principe Recommendations

Lose yourself in the variety of culture in this country choosing between living the day or the night. Both moments you will enjoy the different style of life of Spanish people, who take care of enjoy the moment.