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Wellness area - Cayo Levantado Resort

Opening : 1 June 2023
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Cayo Levantado Resort
Wellness area
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Wellness area

To experience Cayo Levantado Resort is to discover your own, inner rhythm. Wellness here is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit.

Designed with four wellness paths that create an atmosphere perfectly suited to REFRESH vigor, RESTORE balance, RELAX tension, and RENEW vibrancy, the wellness area is both an environment and a state of being. A truly unique immersion, the area includes the pool, the Santa Yuca slow food restaurant, as well as the spa, outdoor CrossFit gym, and personal training studio. All aspects work seamlessly to elevate any vacation to be a truly meaningful personal journey. The expertly trained and certified staff combines exercise, meditation, activities and nutrition, designed to guide guests toward a vital rhythm that is in sync with the vibrant pulse and pace of the natural surroundings.​

Paths Description

The wellness journey at Cayo Levantado Resort is a very personal experience. Designed with customization in mind, the four Wellness Paths allow a very focused program combining activities with nutrition. These paths can be combined to create a truly personalized and diverse exploration of the mind, body and soul.  

  • REFRESH offers a chance to energize and exhilarate through higher impact activities designed to stimulate blood flow and maximize the body’s natural metabolism. Higher intensity training along with hot water spa treatments paired with more active experiences make REFRESH a path for those who want to reinvigorate.​

  • RESTORE invites replenishment of vitality through a program of rehydration and restoration. Water plays a key role, allowing guests to embrace the natural surroundings and organic healing aspects of the island and its traditions. Paired with considered activities and nourishment that reinforce this objective, the RESTORE path emphasize restoration of the body and mind, ​

  • RELAX encourages the relief of stress and the tensions that everyday life can create. All activities in this program encourage a slowing down of the body and quieting of the mind. Expert classes in yoga, low impact fitness, and meditations are paired with foods that stimulate brain activity to make RELAX a path for all guests who are wanting to elevate a sense of peacefulness.​

  • RENEW offers the opportunity to cleanse through activities that emphasize detoxification and the renewal of natural elements that are key to everyone’s wellbeing. Achieving the harmony of mind, body and soul is at the forefront of a program of fitness training and nutrition, making RENEW the path for all wanting to restore balance.​

Cayo Levantado Resort The Pool

The Pool

The Pool offers the resort's most relaxing environment, awash with natural light and the colors of the seascape. Designed to embrace its surroundings, the pool and whirlpools exist within the lush plant life, working seamlessly to create a hidden oasos. The reinvigorating waters beckon as purpose-built lounge chairs and payful hammocks invite more leisurely pursuits. 

Cayo Levantado Resort The SPA

The Spa

The Spa invites all to relax and revitalize in an environment that takes inspiration from the sights, sounds, and aromas of the island. Distinct, personalized programs corresponding to each wellness path, including a soothing thermal circuit, offer a wide range of massage, treatments, and personal wellness activities.

Cayo Levantado Resort - Ther Personal Training Studio

The Personal Training Studio

The Personal Training Studio encourages a daily routine that reinvigorates and restores health and fitness. Personal trainers offer encouragement, advice and support to achive the desired goals in a warm, welcoming environment. 

Cayo Levantado Resort - Crossfit

The Outdoor CrossFit

The Outdoor CrossFit gym offers guests a heightened level of fitness with the very best equipment and instruction within a tropical jungle setting like no other. Through industry leading techniques, trainers guide guests through a series og high energy cardio and strength conditioning exercises designed to activate the body, mind and soul.