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Spa at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum 1
Spa at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum 1
Spa at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum 1

The lobby is the central axis of the Hotel. It is full of symbols, but the most spectacular of all is the majestic column that dominates everything around it and is a symbol of welcome to all our visitors. The three “layers” or realms of the Mayan world are engraved on this column: ​

  • The Underworld: A watery place where souls went to purify themselves. This is represented in the column, at water level, by a priest who is making a journey of purification. He is accompanied by four guides who will facilitate the journey: ​

                - The Iguana: represents man’s connection to the earth. ​

                - The Monkey: between the earth and the celestial space. ​

                - The Parakeet: represents flight, the celestial space. ​

                - The Dog: the guardian of this peculiar expedition. 

  • The Middleworld or Natural World: In the middle of the column there are three human figures representing life itself, and the three most significant aspects of life for the Mayans: Happiness, Knowledge, and Fear of the Gods. ​
  •  The Upperworld or Cosmos: The engraving of a serpent with two heads represents infinity, cosmic life.​​

Finally, and as a symbol of orientation, the palapa column emerges and at its end it has the four cardinal points engraved in Mayan ideograms. ​