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A fascinating atmosphere: live the story of “Papimber and the Garden of the Hesperides”. You will discover the Castle of the Nymphs and take a stroll by the ancient "Drago Milenario" tree. Book on the app or screens at the hotel. Subject to availability. All our shows are produced exclusively for us.

Papimber and the Garden of the Hesperides

An original musical and choreography show recounting the new adventure of Papimber. 
Papimber encounters the dragon Ladon in the magic garden of the Hesperides. A garden full of music, dance and circus... AIGLE, ERYTHEIS and HESPERE are the Hesperides and they guard the golden apples, a symbol of eternal life and creative wisdom. The three of them are stars, and they only appear in their full splendour in the dark of night. This time, Papimber encounters the dragon Ladon in a great act of generosity and knowledge, in which we will discover that the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. “Never stop dreaming” 

Carnival of the elements

Feel the magic of carnival on the island of eternal spring. An homage to Tenerife inspired by the four elements of nature which will thrill you... Fire, earth, water and air join together in a sensational show.


The Art of Color

Color, dance, magic, circus are the 4 axes of this innovative show full of completely unexpected moments. An imaginative and surprising scenic proposal that connects with the spectators and their state of mind as they come into contact with specific colors that are immediately synchronized with their own "personal color". 

In nature, light creates color. In IMOX, color creates the light... and the show. 

A magical show created EXCLUSIVELY for Bahia Principe Fantasia Tenerife 

Toy Circus

When was the last time you played like a child?

A renewed and revised show that delves deeper into the idea of recovering the child in all of us for an hour, getting lost in light, music and time and encountering the world through an exciting relationship, full of mystery, risk and adventure. An original "troupe" of toys will remind us that PLAYING is the most powerful action known to human beings. Our toys transport us to our childhood and play spontaneously and freely in a delicate dance that strengthens the mind and the body and nourishes the soul. 

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