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Siam Park, Entry

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  • Full Day
  • For Everyone
  • Aquatic

Where the exotic mystery of the old Siam Kingdom meets the modern world’s advanced attractions, we give you Siam Park. 
A water park where the whole family have fun. Come spend the day with us as you conquer the parks craziest water slides and refreshing pools. The Dragon is a dark and mysterious ride that tosses your raft down into the dragon's cave for insurmountable fun. Test your bravery on the Tower of Power down the steep, almost vertical 28 meter drop with nothing in between you the slide before shooting you through a clear, under water tube in the pool. 
Relax on the Mai Thai River that takes you on a tour of the park and under water through the pool with view of everybody up above. And finally, try your surfing skills at Tenerife’s only artificial wave pool on waves up to 3 meters high.

10:00-17:30 hours
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