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Xplor Fuego, a Night Adventure

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When the sun goes down, that’s when our adventure begins. Step into the darkness of the jungle and a world of adventure lit by the stars in the sky and the fire on land. Discover the heart of the Mayan Jungle like never before as you zipline through the dark, explore underground caverns and swim among the stalactite formations in the caves. Walk along the dark and winding jungle roads and jump across the floating bridges to your next adventure. The jungle is waiting for you. Note: Only children from 10 years old and above.

Full Day
What to take
Water shoes
Bathing suit
Spending money for additional expenses
Bug Repellent
What to wear
Comfortable Clothes
Comfortable Shoes
Watch out!
Minimun height 1.40 m. Max. Weight 136kg.
Minimun age to drive the amphibious vehicle 18years.
An officla ID can be requested.