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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Your Hotel

What is Bahia Principe?

Bahia Principe Hoteles & Resorts is the ideal place to spend your holiday. It offers you all-inclusive quality and service in the best destinations of the Caribbean, Canary Islands and Majorca. You will enjoy your stay in 5-star hotels in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica, and in 4-star hotels in Majorca, Costa Adeje and Puerto de La Cruz (Spain).

What is the best destination for my holiday?

Bahia Principe is present in the best locations in the Caribbean and Spain.
We have 14 hotels in the Dominican Republic, all of them 5-star and located in the most spectacular settings (Samaná, La Romana, Punta Cana and Río San Juan).

In Mexico's Riviera Maya, you will be able to choose from four 5-star resorts. And in Jamaica's Runaway Bay, we have 2 hotels with a very special colonial style.

We have hotels that are for adults only, special family-oriented hotels, and hotels that are suited for everyone.

In Spain, you can choose between Tenerife (4 hotels) and Mallorca (1 hotel). 4-star hotels for families or friends.

What can I do during my holidays in Bahia Principe?

You can practice all kinds of water sports, such as diving, paddle surfing and canoeing, or enjoy golf in an incomparable setting.
 You can relax on idyllic beaches or at the Bahia Spa, or discover the natural surroundings of Bahia Principe, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and stunning sea views.
I need to choose between several resorts and I can't decide which one to pick. What should I do?
Very easy - use the comparison feature of our website.  You can analyze the one that best suits your needs according to your preferences.

Are there resorts adapted for disabled guests?

In general, our hotels have ramps and certain adapted units. Especially the resorts of Jamaica, Tulum, Akumal (Mexico), Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Costa Adeje, San Felipe and Tenerife (Tenerife), which due to their characteristics are better equipped.

What advantages do I have if I stay in a complex?

Keep in mind that there are different categories of hotels in some of our complexes (Luxury, Fantasia, Grand, Bahia Principe). Each of them offers various advantages and privileges. Therefore, there may be exclusive or shared areas depending on the reserved category.

What do the entertainment activities involve?

We offer a wide variety of daytime and nighttime activities for the whole family. Our musical shows are especially popular among our guests. Do not hesitate to check the weekly program on your arrival at the hotel.

What are the differences in free wifi service according to the reserved hotel category?

  • Luxury Bahia Principe: Free 24/7 Wi-Fi throughout the hotel (service available for a maximum of two devices per booked room).
  • Fantasia Bahia Principe: Free Wi-Fi during the entire stay.
  • Grand Bahia Principe: Free Wi-Fi in the lobby during the entire stay.
  • Bahia Principe: Free Wi-Fi in the lobby during the entire stay.

Is the room safe included?

The room safe will be with or without charge depending on the hotel category you have chosen:

  • Luxury Bahia Principe: incluided.
  • Fantasia Bahia Principe: included.
  • Grand Bahia Principe: included since January 2018.
  • Bahia Principe: additional charge.

Booking the Hotel

What is Hotel+Flight?

Our star product, these are holiday packages that include: roundtrip air fare. You can add transfers from the destination airport to the hotel. It's the easiest way to book your vacation at our resorts, especially in the Caribbean. It is also the most inexpensive option because there are a multitude of offers.

Our booking engine searches for the selected hotel rate and regime on the one hand, and scheduled flights on the other, for the indicated dates.

What is "Hotel"?

The booking engine searches for the lowest rate for the selected hotel and dates. The "Hotel" product implies only accommodation in our hotels. There is also the possibility of adding services, such as transfers and outings, which you can book on our website.

How do I book online?

To make a reservation you must fill in the fields in the booking form and follow the instructions. You will be able to make a complete reservation in a matter of minutes.

How can I pay for my vacation?

For your convenience you can make the payment by credit card or e-transfer or PayPal. You will find more information about payment in Security and Payment Methods.

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Yes, it is totally secure. For more information see the Security and Payment Methods section.

Will I receive proof of my reservation?

Yes, after completing the process we will email you all the details of your booking including the selected products.

Why can't I find any available hotels?

Hotels may be full for selected dates or the search may not meet the minimum criteria for accommodation (usually 3 nights). Try making a broader search of our offers.

Why are there no flights available?

This may be because there are no scheduled flights for the selected date and city of origin. Try selecting another departure city with more frequent flights.

Why is there more than one offer for the same date?

Because they are different offers; check the specific conditions of each offer before selecting the one that best suits you.

Preparing Your Trip

What are the check in and check out times?

Check in time is from 3:00 pm. Pending availability, you can request an early check in (for an additional charge). Check out time is 12:00 pm.

Is it possible to ask for a late check out?

On the day you leave the hotel, if you need to use your room after 12 pm (check-out time) we encourage you to check with our reception teams the day before your departure. They will be happy to inform you about availability and cost.

Do you have a luggage check service?

We will hold your luggage at no extra cost if you leave the hotel after check out. Check with the reception team or porters to find out where you can leave your luggage.

What is the voltage in the hotels?

The electricity of our hotels in the Caribbean has the same voltage standards as in North America (110V). In Spain, it is 220V. We recommend that you bring universal plug adapters.

Do you have menus for people with special dietary needs?

All our hotels offer a wide selection of products adapted for customers with special dietary needs. However, please understand that BAHIA PRINCIPE HOTELS & RESORTS can’t be held responsible for whatever allergenic foods are produced in every dish served in the specialty restaurants and main buffets of the hotels, and therefore we are not able to ensure that there can be no cross contamination of these foods. For this reason, although we take notice and make every effort to satisfy all our customers’ needs, we can’t totally guarantee it.

Are cots available? How can I request one?

Cots are available on request in all the hotels where the little ones in the family can stay. We recommend that you inform your travel agent of your needs when you book your holiday. If you make a reservation directly through our website, don’t hesitate to contact the hotel directly via email and our colleagues will be happy to make a note of this and prepare the cot for your arrival.

Can I request connected rooms?

Not all of our hotels have connecting rooms, and in some the numbers are limited. Just like requests for certain locations, connected rooms are subject to availability. However, if this is essential for you since you are travelling as a family, we invite you to take a look at the Family Master Suites at the Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo, Grand Bahia Principe Turquesa and Grand Bahia Principe Coba hotels.

Do I have to take any medical precautions?

If you suffer from a chronic illness, or have doubts about any travel requirements outside your country, we recommend that you contact your doctor, who will inform you in detail.

Is there medical service in the hotels?

The complexes have 24-hour medical service (third-party providers). Please note that the service is not included and will be charged separately. We recommend that you check if you have overseas coverage with your health insurance provider.

Medications can be purchased at the Lobby Shop, Bahia Principe Village or Pharmacy (depending on the hotel).

Are there shops where you can buy basic necessities?

At most Bahia Principe resorts you can buy all kinds of basic products and items to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We recommend that you bring summer clothes and swimwear, and perhaps a jacket in case it gets cool at night. You should be aware that formal attire (long pants for gentlemen) is required in the themed à la carte restaurants.

Is it possible to exchange currency at the hotel?

Remember to exchange currency depending on your destination country. You can also do this at the hotel reception.

How do you make reservations in the à la carte or specialty restaurants?

Our hotels have a wide variety of themed restaurants where you can book à la carte dinners. You can make your reservations when you arrive at the hotel, with the help of our Public Relations team or through our webapp, conveniently from your room (connecting to the hotel's Wi-Fi).

What is the dress code for restaurants?

Formal attire is required at dinnertime in some of our themed restaurants. Gentlemen are advised to wear buttoned shirts and long pants, and ladies are advised to wear formal attire.

How can I contact the hotel?

Contact your hotel by email or phone. You will find contact details of each hotel here:


  Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado     +1 (809) 538 32 32  
  Luxury Bahia Principe Samana     +1 (809) 538 34 34  
  Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa     +1 (809) 538 31 31  
  Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo     +1 (809) 240 61 00  



  Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville     +1 (809) 412 10 10  
  Grand Bahia Principe La Romana     +1 (809) 412 10 10  



  Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia     +1 (809) 552 14 44  
  Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Blue     +1 (809) 552 14 44  
  Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Green     +1 (809) 552 14 44  
  Luxury Bahia Principe Esmeralda     +1 (809) 552 14 44  
  Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro     +1 (809) 552 14 44  
  Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana     +1 (809) 552 14 44  
  Grand Bahia Principe Turquesa     +1 (809) 552 14 44  



  Grand Bahia Principe San Juan     +1 (809) 226 15 90  



  Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal     (52) 984 875 50 00  
  Luxury Bahia Principe Sian Ka'an     (52) 984 875 50 00 
  Grand Bahia Principe Coba     (52) 984 875 50 00  
  Grand Bahia Principe Tulum     (52) 984 875 50 00  



  Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay     +1 (876) 973 70 00  
  Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica     +1 (876) 973 70 00  



 Sunlight Bahia Principe Costa Adeje     (34) 922 723 100  
 Fantasia Bahia Principe Tenerife     (34) 922 105 556
 Sunlight Bahia Principe San Felipe     (34) 922 383 311  
  Sunlight Bahia Principe Tenerife   (34) 922 723 100



 Sunlight Bahia Principe Coral Playa     (34) 971 680 562  
  Hotel Piñero Bahia de Palma     (34) 971 441 536  
  Hotel Piñero Tal   (34) 971 441 000  


Frequently Asked Questions My Bahia Principe

What is My Bahia Principe?
My Bahia Principe is a free loyalty program of Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, which you can access for free and get rewarded with exclusive benefits to private and individual clients who make their hotel reservations using or through the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts Call Center.

Can I participate?
Individuals of age can participate in My Bahia Principe program (identified using their private data) when registered with the My Bahia Principe through its web site or the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts Call Center. You will see My Bahia Principe area on the top menu of the website

What is the goal of My Bahia Principe?
The goal of My Bahia Principe is to acknowledge the clients who book hotel stays through its web site or the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts Call Center, and reward the members with special discounts for their next hotel reservations and benefits during their stay. The program levels are calculated in relation with the amount of hotel reservations already enjoyed with us, once the stay check out has been performed and paid.

How can I register?
Visiting, in the “My Bahia Principe” area and registering with the data we request.

Can I register myself anytime?
Yes, you can register yourself at anytime, but the benefits and discounts will be applied always on your next hotel booking with us, not in past reservations or stays enjoyed at the time.

Is it mandatory to make a booking to register in My Bahia Principe?
No. It is not mandatory. You can register without having any reservation with us.

If I register myself in My Bahia Principe during my hotel stay, when can I start enjoying the benefits?
You can start to enjoy your benefits in your next hotel reservation or stay.

Are all reservations made in the My Bahia Principe program admissible?
There are some exceptions, you can check the “Terms and Conditions” of the program at

What are direct bookings?
Direct hotel bookings are those made directly and without intermediaries, through the web or trhough our Call Center

Which hotels participate in the program?
My Bahia Principe can be found in all the Bahia Principe hotels of Spain and the Caribbean. Nevertheless, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to perform any modifications regarding this section.

If I have any questions about whether to register, where can I see the conditions of the program?
You can see them in the "My Bahia Principe" area, inside

Is there an email support of My Bahia Principe?
Yes, you can write to

How can I identify myself as a member of My Bahia Principe?
You will have a special bracelet, which allows us to recognize you as a member of the program. We can also identify you in our systems with the email that you have discharged in the program or with the number of member that you will find in the virtual card that you can download inside of "My Bahia Principe"

How many levels are there in My Bahia Principe?
My Bahia Principe has 4 levels based on the direct hotel reservations already enjoyed with us: Blue, Silver, Gold and Black. You can find this information in the My Bahia Principe Terms & Conditions:

How do I know what is my level?
Once you access your data in the My Bahia Principe, the level information will be displayed. If you want to obtain more information you can enter the section “My Level”

Can I go down from my level?
You can't go down the category

Why did the level not increase if I have already made the reservation I needed to move to the next level?
To have an admissible reservation, it must be made through website or the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts Call Center and the level is increased after the corresponding check out and payment of the reservation. Remember you will advance levels once you have check out from your stay.

Does my benefits or my level expires?
Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to suspend permanently the accounts that have been inactive for a period exceeding 36 months, when it considers it adequate, losing at that time all benefits associated to the program.

What benefits correspond to each category?
You can consult the benefits associated to each level in the area "My Bahia Principe", within or in the WebApp.

How can I access to the benefits “Free transfer”, “Select room location” or “Online discount on Bahia Principe Tours”?
In all 3 cases you must enter into My Bahia Principe area in order to manage these 3 benefits associated with your account.

I am Silver/Gold/Black member. When will I receive the Wifi Premium code?
You will receive the code approximately three days before your stay at the hotel. Therefore, remember to check the inbox of the e-mail you have registered with in My Bahia Principe.

How many devices can I connect to the Premium Wifi simultaneously?
SILVER customers will have Premium Wifi for a maximum of 7 days during their stay, 24 hours a day in a single device. GOLD and BLACK customers will have Premium Wifi for up to 7 days during their stay, 24 hours a day and at a maximum of 2 devices.

When can I use the Wi-Fi Premium code?
You can use the Wi-Fi Premium code once you are at the hotel.

How do I redeem the Premium Wifi code?
Once you receive the email with the code of the Wifi Premium, you will also receive the steps to follow to access the service.

What do I do if the Wi-Fi Premium code does not work?
You have to follow the instructions received in the e-mail containing your Wi-Fi code and call the support telephone number appearing in the e-mail if you need assistance.

What do I do if I have not received the Wi-Fi Premium code or if I have lost it?
You must contact the support team of My Bahia Principe through the e-mail, or call the telephone number +34 971 225 605 (until 4 pm Florida time).

Until what time can I benefit from the Late Check-Out advantage?
Until 6:00 pm

And from what time is Early Check-In?
From 8:00 am

What are the benefits of “Priority Check In”?
Priority Check In involves a special queue indicated by the "My Bahia Principe" signpost, where guests will receive a wristband indicating special access so they can enjoy unique advantages throughout their stay. Guests can only queue here if they have booked their stay as a My Bahia Principe member.

Is it possible that someone else can enjoy my benefits?
No. Benefits are personalized and must be used by the account holder. They cannot be passed on to other people, whether or not they are members of the program.

Are my reservations recorded automatically?
Yes, if the procedure explained in the above section is applied. Remember that if you do not register with the same email that you made the reservations, the past bookings will not appear in your account.

What do I have to do so all my past STAYS are accounted within the program?
All your hotel reservations booked through or the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts Call Center from 01/01/2016 will appear automatically within the My Bahia Principe area, as long as you book them with the same email as you registered in the program. If not, we will not be able to link them with your account. If you have hotel direct bookings before this date, you must contact us at

What do I need to do for my FUTURE reservations to be accounted within the program?
You need to make sure reservations are made in login into My Bahia Principe or providing your membership data when contacting the Call Center, in order to be able to identify you as a member of the program and add the reservation to your account to get the right level.
You will not be able to include into the Program any reservation that is not recorded in the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts systems. You can see the terms and conditions at

If I make 2 consecutive reservations, are both applicable?
If there are 2 consecutive reservations in the same Resort, no. In this case only the first reservation will be taken into account. For example if the same holder performs a reservation with check-in on January 1, 2018 and check-out January 6, 2018 and another reservation from January 7 to January 14, only the first reservation is taken into account.
An exception will be made if reservations are made consecutively but on different Resorts, outside of the complex of the first reservation.

If I book through My Bahia Principe account, are the discounts that correspond to me already applied?
If you are logged in My Bahia Principe, during the booking process on the web you should see applied 5% or 10%, as appropriate by your level.

I have booked through and I am a client of My Bahia Principe but when I arrive at the hotel, I am told I have no benefits. What could be the problem?
Important: even if you are a client of My Bahia Principe, if you do not identify as such when making the reservation (by login in My Bahia Principe or informing the Call Center agent who serves you) we will not be able to applied the corresponding benefits to that reservation.

If I register in My Bahia Principe during my stay at the hotel, when can I start enjoying my benefits?
You can start enjoying your benefits on your next hotel reservation or stay as long as you make it at or through the Call Center of Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts.

During the booking process I have registered my name, surname and telephone, but I have not set any password. How can I get the My Bahia Principe area to manage my benefits as “Free transfer”, “Select room location” or “Onlina discount on Bahia Tours”?
In your email account you have received an email with a link to complete your registration. You must click there and fill up your data, set a password and start enjoying all the benefits of My Bahia Principe.

If I book a reservation for another person, will my benefits apply to him/her?
No. The goal of the program is to acknowledge the owner of the booking, who has to be the same as the account’s owner. If another person wants to enjoy the benefits of the program, he/she must register in My Bahia Principe with him/her email and personal data.

If there are 8 rooms in a single reservation, how does this reservation benefit me?
The My Bahia Principe program rewards per reservation, not per number of rooms in a reservation, and the benefits or courtesies associated to the member level will only be applicable to the holder’s room.

If a family of 6 members stays at a hotel under the same reservation, but 2 of the members belong to the My Bahia Principe program, can both of them get the benefits of the reservation?
No. In this case only the holder of the reservation that is registered in My Bahia Principe will get the benefits.

How can I change my access data or private data?
You can change them by going into My Data and Preferences section within My Bahia Principe.

How do I unsubscribe from the program?
At any time you can unsubscribe writing to the support e-mail or calling the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts Call Center. This voluntary resignation will mean the automatic cancellation of all your benefits at the time the account is deactivated and you are no longer a holder.

Can you cancel my account?
Yes. Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to suspend temporarily or permanently any holder of My Bahia Principe due to default of the Terms and Conditions, payment irregularities or inadequate behavior at the hotel.
In addition, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to permanently cancel accounts that have been inactive for a period exceeding 36 months, when it considers it adequate, losing at that time all benefits associated to the program.

How can I unsubscribe from communications?
You will find a link in our e-mails where you can unsubscribe. You can also do so writing to

Who do I address if I have a mistake to register or access the platform?
You can contact the support email:

What is the difference between My Bahia Principe and Bahia Principe rewards?
Bahia Principe Rewards is our loyalty program for travel agents. My Bahia Principe is our loyalty program for the final client.

If I am already part of Bahia Principe rewards, can I register at My Bahia Principe?
Yes you can, but you have to keep in mind that we will not take into account for the level calculation the reservations made with rates of travel agents. You can check which reservations are elegible for the program in our terms and conditions, on the website of

Can I get free stays because I belong to My Bahia Principe?
As a member of My Bahia Principe you will not get free stays, but discounts for your upcoming hotel bookings and many more benefits. In addition, BLACK members can enjoy 1 night free at the next hotel reservation booked through or at the Call Center of Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts. Only applicable in hotel bookings of at least 7 nights. The free night will be discounted to the total amount of the reservation, that is to say, it will be paid a night main

Will I have a physical card?
No, you will have a virtual card that you can download in PDF or mobile version for IPhone, and that will have your member number, which together with your email, will serve to identify you as a member.

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