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Island of Women

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A fun way to spend the day, we’ll venture around land and sea discovering the beauty and history of the area. 
The Island of Women is known of its unearthly beauty, combining the dense tropical jungle paired against perfect fine sand beaches with the crystal clear waters of the sea kissing the shore. The influence of the Mayan civilization is prominent on the island and is evident in the unique architecture seen throughout. 
We’ll visit a beautiful coral reef where we’ll have the chance to go snorkeling and explore the hundreds of vibrant fish and marine life that call it home. After, we’ll sail across the turquoise waters to the Island of Women with an open bar with national drinks during the travel, to put you in a relaxing and fun Caribbean mood. 
After lunch, we’ll head to the center of the island to wander the streets, admire the architecture and pop in and out of all the shops.

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