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Doctor Fish, Ocean Spa

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  • Half Day
  • For Everyone
  • Aquatic

A double level spa on the Caribbean Sea, pamper yourself to various treatments and services as you float across the crystal clear turquoise waters.
Unwind with a massage in the private, individual areas with views of the sea for the ultimate spa experience. 
Our world famous Dr. Fish take it upon themselve to exfoliate your feet evenly and comfortably as you sit back and relax in the sun. These little fish, known  as Garra Rufa, take away dead skin as they create the sensation of a delicate massage, rejuvenating the most hardworking part of your body. 
Sip on natural juices, fresh fruits, and natural herb infusions to treat yourself from the inside out. We’ll end the spa day with a healthy and light lunch paired with a refreshing white wine.


Half Day
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