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“Piramide de Arona”

The Arona Pyramid at Tenerife 1
The Arona Pyramid at Tenerife 2
The Arona Pyramid at Tenerife 3
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Experience the magnificent music and impressive choreography, as displayed in the world renowned Flamenco show by the Carmen Mota Dance Company. 
Fall in love with the Gypsy culture through the carefully designed and perfected show in the grand auditorium at the Mare Nostrum Resort. 
Bringing history to life in this modern stay theatre, you’ll finally understand the power of the song, claps, and stomps performed by the talented group. The innovative choreography impresses as it fuses traditional and modern Spanish dance in this spectacular performance that you not only see, but feel with your entire being.

2 hours, 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm.
What to take
Spending Money
What to wear
Semi-Casual Dress
Watch out!
They don’t let persons with shorts into the auditorium
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