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Grand Bahia Principe San Juan
Rating five stars

Grand Bahia Principe
San Juan

Rating five stars

You'll love it because...

• Because you'll have a great time with our expert entertainment staff, guaranteed fun!
• Because of our facilities and services, at a very reasonable price, paradise is closer than ever.
• Because we're sure that if you come once, you'll surely return. Come and see and try it for yourself. We're looking forward to having you!
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Basic information

  • Satisfaction index:
  • Rooms: 548
  • Pools: 4
  • Bars: 9
  • Restaurants: 4
  • Wifi: no
  • Spa: si
  • Golf: no
  • Water Park: no
  • Conferences: si
  • Address: Ctra. Gaspar Hernández - Rio San Juan, Km 18. República Dominicana Dominican Republic
  • Phone: +1 (809) 226 15 90
  • Fax: +1 (809) 226 19 91
  • Email:
  • Distance airport.: 75
  • Nearby airports: Puerto Plata (POP)Samana (AZS)Santo Domingo (SDQ)
Location map

Going to

Dominican Republic,
Puerto Plata

puerto-plata-2• It gets its name (Silver Port) from the effect of the sun on the sea. Can you imagine it?
• A paradise: Stunning forests, blue waters and beautiful sandy beaches.
• Ideal for water sports: windsurfing, bodysurfing...
• The sun rises at 6:30 and sets at 19:20, Are you ready for sun and average temperatures of 25ºC?.

On Puerto Plata


All the rooms in the hotel are very well decorated so your stay will be as comfortable as possible, with decor that matches the colour of the sea, and are located on the hotel's private beach, which is exclusive for you.



• 2 Full-size beds (1.20 m x 2.00 m) or 1 king-size bed (2 m x 2 m)
• Air conditioning
• Ceiling fan
• Fully fitted bathroom
• Hair dryer

What you can eat

The Grand Bahia Principe San Juan Resort in Puerto Plata is home to a wide variety of culinary sensations so you feel like you're in a paradise of the palate.

We have a variety of theme restaurants with


• Mediterranean cuisine
• Italian cuisine
• International cuisine
• Asian cuisine

What you can do

At the Grand Bahia Principe San Juan you'll have a great time. The hotel organises every type of activity, outdoor sports and outings you'll remember forever


• Relax in the Spa
• Enjoy the best beach
• Have fun in the pool
• Sports and activities
• Area outings

What you're missing


10:10 Puerto Plata

You're in the international buffet. In front of you: fruits that perhaps you'd never tasted, cereals or delicious Dominican coffee....You know you'll take a little of everything and finally you'll have a coffee and toast. Why have the same breakfast as always? Go ahead and try something new every day, it's worth it.

11:30 Puerto Plata

It's time for AquaGym. You've decided to go today although you're not quite sure what it is, but yesterday you saw a group of 30 people who were laughing non-stop while exercising with the monitor. Here we go!

12:30 Puerto Plata

You've just put on your diving suit. Today is your first practice session in the pool, then you'll go out to sea to see the coral reefs that surround the beach. When you come back, don't forget to tell everyone about it while you have a drink in the shade of a coconut tree.

14:00 Puerto Plata

After a vermouth at the beachfront bar, instead of going to the buffet restaurant with international cuisine, you decide to stay at the Snack Bar; today you'd prefer a hamburger and to continue sunning yourself.

16:00 Puerto Plata

After lunch, what better than a well-deserved rest on the recliner that is under the largest and most tilted palm tree on the beach. With a delicious cocktail to keep you company.

17:00 Puerto Plata

Blup, blup, blup. Cómo te relajan las burbujas del jacuzzi, además, después del masaje de rejuvenecimiento, vas a salir divina. La manicura y la pedicura van a rematar la faena.

19:00 Puerto Plata

Good thing your boyfriend has convinced you to go to merengue classes, you're having so much fun. The teacher knows how to teach you to dance, it's much easier than it seems. Get ready, “Suavemente, bésame..” is just beginning to play.

20:00 Puerto Plata

There are so many outings, you don't know whether to choose the horseback ride to Gri-Gri lake or to visit the capital Santo Domingo. Maybe you feel more like a horseback ride, it's so exotic to ride on horseback through the tropical forest and go for a swim in the river.

21:00 Puerto Plata

You'll have one of the 3 dinners included in the price of your reservation, and dine at the Takara restaurant. Everything is so delicious!!!

22:00 Puerto Plata

A couple of cocktails and you head out to dance with the curly-haired girl. She seems to like you. Such Caribbean music, your feet have a mind of their own. This is great!

23:00 Puerto Plata

Look at the beautiful present they have left in your room; it's so romantic and the decor is exquisite, the bed is prepared as if you were in paradise itself. The full moon enters through the window, it's incredible!

All-inclusive 24h

Enjoy an all-inclusive hotel: all the food, snacks, drinks and cocktails in the hotel, à la carte dinners in the restaurant, and more. And, have a great time!

The Comparison

Experience Bahía Príncipe to the fullest! Find out which of our resorts is best suited to your needs and tastes

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