Sake sour

Tokio hotel

Trip to Japan


Salmon tiradito

Fresh salmon with Ponzu sauce & crispy quinoa.

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Nippon red tuna tataka

In sesame crust, ginger teriyaki and crispy mifen.

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Nippon red tuna tataki

Lettuce, soy shrimp, peppers, and sweet chili dressing.

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Mixed tempura

Shrimp, zucchini, eggplant and carrot con salsa ponzu.

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Mixed tempura

With peanut sauce .

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Soups & Creams

Miso soup

Tofu, spinach, onion.

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Ramen Soup

Mushrooms, vegetables, chinese tortillas and soy sauce.

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Main courses

Shrimp Pad Thai

Pasta with crispy vegetables and shrimp in Wok.

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Yellow Chicken curry

Spring rice and vegetable wok.

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Sake salmon

Lasquered salmon quinoa stew and wasabi puree.

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Bekon glazed

Glazed pork belly, teriyaki sauce, puree, crispy mifen.

Teriyaki Suteki

Teriyaki balsamic sauce, miso puree and sauteed mushrooms.

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Pork Belly

Sweet mashed potato caramel, tropical relish and ponzu reduction.

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Complimentary for Privilege Club members


Fried Ice – Cream

Served on mint sponge cake.

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Mango, ginger and honey mousse

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Coconut cannelloni and nori - coffee

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