Caipirinha Sea Breeze

Try our classic caipirinha version with special ingredients like lemon foam, brown sugar, cachaça and lime. A fresh explotion in your mouth.


Feel Brazil's carnival flavor in your cup, try this combination of cachaça, lemon, passion fruit, sugar and lime air. Let yourself be surprised!

Caipirinha pasion

Dance the best Brazilian carnival style with our delicious Caipirinha Passion. A cocktail with cachaça, lemon, strawberry, lemon foam and flowers that you won't forget.



The history of Rodizio begins in the high mountains of southern Brazil where the founders were borne with in the “Gaucha” culture, a rich tradition of the European immigrants and the Brazilian natives.
This Gauchan style of roasting marinated meatson an open flame creates a delicious and intense flavor to all the meat cuts. Please be welcomed & enjoy this unique experience.


Chef’s Appetizer

Treat yourself with our Chef’s creativity.


Visit our Salad Bar where you will find awide variety of vegetable cuts, coldmeats and cheese.

Espeto Corrido

Brazilian Swords

Followed by the entrees we will present on your table a great selection of meats, all served on traditional swords, well known as “ESPETO CORRIDO”.

Garlic Bread Sword

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Sausages Swords

Pork cuts Swords

Chicken Sword

Turkey / Bacon Sword

Beef cuts Swords

Fish Sword (Salmon or Grouper)

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Pineapple with cinnamon Sword

Special meat cuts

- T-Bone Steak $33 US
- Cowboy Steak $42 US


On your table you will find acard that works asa traffic light, when it’s green it will indicateus that you are ready to begin, and when it’s red, it will indicate us that we must stop, meaningthat you are satisfied.


Visit our dessert bar

Cheesecake kewith strawberries

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Coconut cream with pineapple sauce

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Mousse Cremosa de Maracuyá

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Crunchy Chocolate

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Mixed Fruits

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