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to health and well-being

At the beginning of 2020, after the launch of our new corporate identity and a reinforced business strategy, we were making steady progress to better transmit not only what we are today but also where we want to go. The arrival of the COVID19 pandemic has forced us to slow down and adjust our priorities, but in no way has it made us doubt the strategy. On the contrary, we are even more convinced of it.

This situation has highlighted the strength of our across the board commitment to the creation of economic, environmental and social value in the short and long term, contributing spanto the Sustainable Development Goals. We are convinced that companies can actively participate in this global effort and that a dynamic link must be created between nature, health and business.

We want to take care of people, look after their health and peace of mind
that is why we have reviewed our health and safety protocols throughout the company without forgetting the wonderful settings in which we work, those pieces of paradise whose beauty and richness we want to share with those who visit us, because they are also our home and an essential part of the legacy that we will be passing on to future generations.

These measures involve adapting some of our standards to new health and hygiene needs.

We are working tirelessly toward a new sunrise. To ensure the maximum health and well-being of all our stakeholders through the design, implementation and certification of health and safety measures throughout the travel cycle.

And all this is only possible thanks to our entire team, who make up the great family that we are, whom I take this opportunity to thank for all their effort, dedication and enthusiasm in offering our customers the best experiences.

We are very excited to start sharing great moments and experiences with all of you once again.

Encarna Piñero
Grupo Piñero CEO

A Responsible Management Model

Our responsible management model commits us to the main international reference frameworks promoted by the United Nations as they are an essential engine for sustainable development and human prosperity.

We believe that in order for companies to be able to participate in an active and committed way, they have to focus on people and the environment. It is necessary to create a link between nature, health and business.

For us, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, contained in its 2030 Agenda, have become a guide, a veritable roadmap for identifying and achieving our strategic goals.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and well-being are now more important than ever. Therefore, ensuring people's health (employees, customers, suppliers and local community) and the health of the environment of the destinations where we operate are two basic pillars on which we have been working throughout these years and on which we will continue to focus in the medium and long term.

In the Health & Safety area we have counted on the collaboration of HS Consulting to reinforce the standards of the company to the new post Covid-19 hygienic/sanitary needs that comply with the regulations of each of the countries where we operate, the recommendations of the WHO and the protocols of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), and to continue contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Committed to Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

At Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts we already have been granted prestigious international seals in the area of sustainability: Travelife Gold Certification and Earth Check which demonstrate our commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism; and Health & Safety certificates issued by HS Consulting, an international consulting firm specializing in the tourism industry.

Evolution of health and safety measures in relation to Covid-19

To ensure a healthy life and promote well-being for everyone of all ages, we have developed a strategy based on two pillars.


Improving the physical, mental and social well-being of all our stakeholders.


Protecting and preserving the planet, planning and managing territories in a sustainable fashion.




Action Protocols

We have evolved our safety and hygiene protocols with an integral vision and faithful to our strategy, taking a series of measures that guarantee health and well-being based on 4 principles of action.
Their primary objective is to provide value in every interaction with customers, suppliers and between employees.

1.- Ensuring healthy and sustainable settings
2.- Ensuring people's health
3.- Guaranteeing safe and responsible services with careful and personalized attention
4.- Fostering a digitalized and adapted experience

1- Ensuring Healthy and Sustainable Settings

We will protect and preserve our settings so that they can be healthy, sustainable places.







2-Ensuring People's Health

We are working to improve the physical, mental and social well-being of all our stakeholders.








3- Guaranteeing Safe and Responsible Services with Careful and Personalized Attention

We have reviewed processes and raised standards to ensure safe and responsible services with maximum customization.




4-Fostering a Digitalized and Adapted Experience

We will be fostering a 360° digital experience to streamline processes and ensure agile, personalized interaction.



Guaranteed Compliance

To guarantee adequate implementation and compliance with these measures, which are broken down at the operational level into different department-specific protocols, we have established the following mechanisms.





Booking cancelation and modification policy

As a consequence of the latest situation, here at we have changed our cancellation terms. We wish to offer our guests booking and cancelation conditions that are as flexible as possible.

Please contact our call center to manage your reservation.

You can contact our call center to manage your booking:

We will facilitate change the booking to a later date

Depending on the rate of your booking:

Non Refundable Rate

If you were due to stay before April 30, you may cancel at no cost.

If your stay is from May 1 onwards, then the cancellation will be subject to costs.

Clients whose booking have been cancelled due to the situations resulting from COVID19, will receive a voucher to be used within 1 year after the end of the state of emergency and its extensions, for an amount equal to tbe refund that would have corresponded. After the validity period has expired, the client will be entitled to a full refund of all amounts paid in accordance with Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, dated March, 30 Spanish Royal Decree.

Flexible Rate

If you made your reservation before March 5, cancellation is free up to 72 hours before your arrival.

If you made your reservation on or after March 5, cancellation is free up until the very day of your arrival.

If you do not cancel or change your reservation, and you fail to show up, you will be charged 100% of the price of the booking. This condition applies to all rates.

These measures will only be applied to bookings made at If you booked your stay through a travel agent, please contact them to manage any necessary changes.

New bookings

We have temporarily paused the possibility to book for upcoming dates, as follows:

- Bahia Principe Tenerife Resort (Bahia Principe Sunlight Costa Adeje y Bahia Principe Sunlight Tenerife - stays available from July 1

- Bahia Principe Fantasia Tenerife - stays available from August 10

- Bahia Principe Sunlight San Felipe - stays available from October 1

- Bahia Principe Sunlight Coral Playa - Open Hotel

- Hotel Piñero Bahia de Palma - stays available from July 25

- Hotel Piñero Tal - hotel closed

La Romana

- Bahia Principe Luxury Bouganville - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Grand La Romana - stays available from November 1

Punta Cana

- Bahia Principe Grand Punta Cana - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Grand Aquamarine - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Luxury Esmeralda - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Luxury Ambar - Open Hotel

- Bahia Principe Fantasia Punta Cana - Open Hotel


- Bahia Principe Luxury Samana - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Grand Cayacoa - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Grand El Portillo - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Luxury Cayo Levantado - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Grand Coba - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Luxury Akumal - Open Hotel

- Bahia Principe Luxury Sian Ka’an - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Grand Tulum - stays available from November 1

- Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica - Open Hotel

- Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Bay - stays available from November 1

Owing to the updating of the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts’ health and safety protocols, in response to the Covid-19 world pandemic, the services provided in our hotels’ facilities and published on the webpage may be altered and/or amended, check for availability in the hotel.

Frequently asked questions


If a case of contagion is detected, what are the protocols for action?

In case a guest presents symptoms compatible with COVId19, we have a strict protocol in place.

The guest will be immediately isolated in one of the isolation rooms, thus avoiding contact with other guests. In the case of children and dependent persons, they may stay in the room with only one companion (caregiver).

Persons forming part of the cohabitation unit of the guest concerned shall be subject to isolation measures, as they have been in close contact with each other.

This isolation will be maintained until the diagnosis is confirmed.
The isolation rooms are equipped with means that allow video calls, to facilitate doctor-patient contact as well as communication with other family members.

A specific team of hotel staff with special training to deal with guests presumed or confirmed to suffer from COVID-19, will be responsible for monitoring these cases.

The medical service will be notified immediately, and it will conduct the relevant tests to determine whether the case is positive for COVID19.

In the event that medical staff confirm the case as positive, immediate notice will be given to the health authorities, who will determine the steps to be taken, according to the health protocols in force in each country.

If at the time of check out according to the original reservation, the guest is not able to leave the destination, any expenses generated by an extension of the stay must be assumed by the guest himself.

Are you able to detect if a guest arrives with symptoms?

On arrival at the hotel, all our guests will be given a temperature reading and they will be asked to provide a health declaration as a preventive measure. Through these measures, it will be possible to detect and isolate the cases of guests who present symptoms compatible with Covid19, and activate our protocol.

Likewise, the guests' luggage will be disinfected.

We will therefore take all measures for the detection of possible symptoms, also providing our guests with the necessary information regarding the steps to follow in case such symptoms are detected at any time during their stay.

What services will be available at the opening, especially restaurants in the complex even if there is only one hotel or two open, will there be entertainment shows, etc.?

At the time of opening, guests will have access to all facilities and services in which safety and hygiene measures can be guaranteed, including compliance with safe distancing, permissible capacities, and all other requirements of the legislation of each country. All of this for the benefit of our guests’ health.

In the case of the complexes the guests will have access to the facilities and services of their own hotel, while those of other complex hotels that still remain closed will not be available.

Services that may be affected in these facilities will be moved outdoors wherever possible..

Information on available services and facilities will be at the disposal of all customers, both on our website and on the webapp, and on digital screens and totems at different points throughout the hotel.
(See temporary hotel specifications)

Why are some hotels opening and others not?

We plan to open our hotels in tiered fashion, and each opening will hinge on criteria of responsibility for safeguarding the health and well-being of our guests and employees.

Based on this responsibility, our plan to open up in all destinations will be aligned with the recovery of activity in the sector and with the reactivation of other actors, such as tour operators, sales channels, airlines, etc. Likewise, the demand of the tourism market, since travellers are the ones who make the final decision, will be another element that we will keep in mind while structuring the reopenings.

At the same time, we are working to adapt ourselves to the new economic, social and environmental paradigm and, above all, to be able to generate changes in order to successfully transition to the "new normality".

Are masks required in the hotels? Are masks and gloves provided by the resorts?

As for the staff, the use of a facemask will be mandatory whenever the safety distance cannot be maintained (2m) and there are no physical means of separation from the customers. Gloves are only mandatory for cleaning and disinfection.

Clients will not be required to wear masks, except in cases of symptoms, in which case they will be required to wear them, even in rooms. The masks will be provided by the hotel.
Their use is recommended in spaces where the safety distance cannot be maintained. On arrival, all guests will be provided with a sanitary kit, according to the regulations of each country.

Will temperatures be taken on arrival?

All hotel staff will be subject to a health screening on arrival at their workplace. In this filter, the temperature of all employees will be checked. Employees must also complete questionnaires prior to entering the workplace, to ensure the health conditions of all employees and customers.

As for the guests, there will be a preventive control upon arrival, which will include not only taking their temperature but also providing a health statement.

Will any facilities be closed or out of bounds?

Some facilities, like the discothèque, gyms, casino, Kid´s Club and Teen´s Club, may close temporarily to ensure the guests’ health and avoid crowding in enclosed spaces. However, the services offered in these facilities will be moved outdoors, seeking open spaces and a safer and healthier experience for customers.

Pre-check-in is clear for the web, but in case of an agency, which locator will they need? Will the agents/guests receive the reservation number from Bahia Principe before the trip in order to conduct the pre-check in?

Any guest who has booked through a travel agency or via can make a pre-check-in between 5 and 1 day(s) before arrival. Guests must enter the number or code that appears on their booking confirmation, the name and surname of the person in whose name the booking has been made, the name of the hotel and the dates of their stay.

The pre-check-in allows for the option of scanning guests' passports. We recommend this option, as it will make check-in at the hotel much more speedy and convenient, as the documents do not have to be scanned at destination.

What functions are available now in the Bahia Principe app?

Through our Bahia Principe app, guests can check the scheduled activities, restaurant menus, the Room Service menu, information about the hotel and the destination, and a location map, or use the E- Concierge Service. They will also be able to digitally book services, such as restaurants, spa, golf, excursions, etc., avoiding queues at the reservations and having to interact with people, as well as making it easier to control the capacity.

Will the app include protocols and information about Covid-19?

Indeed, the app will provide customers with all the essential information on the health and hygiene measures implemented in the reinforced protocols that affect their stay.

How can I check the restaurant, bar and room service menus?

All our restaurant, bar and room service menus will be digitalized, and guests will be able to access this information through the QR code that will be placed at the hotel's points of interest. They can also be consulted through our webapp and interactive screens in the hotels.

Can I make reservations for the à la carte restaurants before my arrival?

Customers who sign up for the mybahiaprincipe loyalty program through the website and perform the pre-check-in process will be able to book the à la carte restaurants before their arrival at the hotel. The reservation will allow customers to better plan their vacation comfortably from home.

Can I choose the location of my room before my arrival?

Customers who sign up for the mybahiaprincipe loyalty program through the website and perform the pre-check-in process will be able to choose their room preferences (subject to availability). The entire process is digital, and is done in the mybahiaprincipe section of, allowing customers to better plan their vacation comfortably from home.

How will the buffets and food service be run?

Assisted buffet or à la carte service will be offered; our staff will serve the food, thus avoiding the handling of utensils or other items by the guests. Guests will not touch any shared-use utensils.

A service providing packaged portions for individual use will be implemented, as opposed to trays for collective use in the service areas where we have no possibility of delivering the food by the staff.

The use of live cooking will also be encouraged as far as possible.

Also, we will provide attended beverage service instead of self-service, thus avoiding the handling of any equipment by the customers.

We will extend the buffet hours to avoid crowding, applying the following schedule: Breakfast from 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. / Lunch from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. / Dinner from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Traffic lanes and direction will be marked at access points to clarify flows, with separation posts and floor signs. Whenever possible, access and exit points will be at different locations.

We will be adding the position of CLEANKEEPER for the buffet and room. This person will be responsible for disinfecting the areas that have been vacated. The CLEANKEEPER will perform these tasks constantly during the service hours.

How will social distancing be implemented in the restaurants?

Social distancing will be implemented in the restaurants just as in other areas. To this end, capacity will be reduced, schedules will be extended, and tables will be distributed according to the defined capacity. Waiting areas will also be avoided, and in restaurants with a buffet, the buffet will be eliminated.

In this same line, there will be a Social Distancing Officer, who will be looking after all the customers' needs, and will specifically ensure compliance with these measures.

How will social distancing work in the pool, beach and club areas and in the common areas in general?

In the beach and pool areas, as in the other shared use areas, social distancing will be guaranteed by means of capacity control. The sunbeds will be positioned to guarantee this social distance.

Guests will be duly informed of the capacity rules and use of the different facilities and common areas. The Social Distancing Officer will be in charge of implementing and enforcing these measures.

Some facilities such as the Kid's Club and Teen's Club will remain closed, with children's entertainment services being offered through outdoor activities in order to guarantee the health of our customers.

As for the gyms, their opening will depend on the guarantees that we can offer in running them. At the Bavaro Complex hotels, digital pre-booking will be applied. No prior appointment will be needed at the Bahia Principe Luxury Akumal. Jamaica and Spain will be keeping their gym facilities closed for the time being.

Discothèques will also remain closed except at the Bahia Principe Luxury Akumal, where there will be an alternative at the Sports Bar, as the facility allows for control measures to ensure the health and well-being of our guests.

The casinos will remain closed.

Will minibars be provided? If so, how will they work?

The minibar will have an initial stock of previously disinfected products and beverages, which will not be re-stocked.

The minibar service will be suspended in Jamaica.

How will activities and entertainment be affected? Will there be shows?

Entertainment activities will be moved outdoors, with activities in the open air or in open spaces, promoting contact with nature and the environment whenever possible, and seeking activities that guarantee social distancing and ensure the guests' well-being and enjoyment.

Theatres will remain open, with limited capacity and access control to guarantee both capacity and social distancing. Wherever possible, seating will be reserved.

There will be shows and music.

The entertainment programme will focus on non-contact activities, as always promoting local culture and sustainability.

How will room service be affected?

Room service will be offered depending on the hotel category. Digital menus are available in the rooms (via QR code). The menus will be served in single-use containers, if possible biodegradable, always taking the necessary measures in both delivery and disposal to guarantee the health of the guests.

How will the Miniclub work?

The entertainment service for the little ones will be moved outdoors to avoid crowding and enclosed places. Therefore, the Kid's Club facilities will remain temporarily closed, to be used only for the registration of children and the signing of documentation by parents. A programme will be carried out with all the guarantees for the smallest ones, and it will be available to the guests through the webapp and the screens located in the hotels.

Guests in Jamaica ask if we will require them to be quarantined in their rooms.

Unless the health check on arrival reveals symptoms of any kind, the quarantine will not be mandatory.

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