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Tips for an “ecocentric” sustainable summer suitcase

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Packing biodegradable sun creams that are respectful of the marine ecosystem, using your own water bottle or filling your toiletry bag with plastic-free items are some of the recommendations for enjoying sustainable holidays from the time you pack your suitcase.

Finally, the highly anticipated summer holidays are almost – or for some, already – here. It’s a time to disconnect and relax during which we can, and should, also put into practice our commitment to the environment to continue contributing to the
health of the planet. This task begins when we pack our suitcase.

In this regard, packing a sustainable bag may seem complicated but is very easy. We just have to put the sense of environmental awareness we’ve worked so hard to develop into practice. But if you’ve still got questions, the “We Are Ecocentric” movement is launching an initiative to invite society as a whole to work together for the planet, to pack an “ecocentric” suitcase that is environmentally responsible. 

The less paper, the better

Tickets, boarding passes, maps, travel guides, etc. Thanks to technology and digitalisation it’s no longer necessary to pack this type of documentation in our suitcases.

We can avoid lugging all this paper around because, luckily, check-in can be done online, tickets can be carried in our digital wallet and there are a multitude of travel applications we can consult on our electronic devices.

In addition to being much more convenient, consuming less paper is a simple, easy way to take care of our planet.

Recycled suitcases and backpacks

There are an increasing number of companies that make products using recycled or eco-friendly materials. In this regard, there are many suitcase and backpack manufacturers that make their products following sustainable criteria. Therefore, when deciding which one to buy, choose those that are as sustainable as possible and that have certificates to back this up.

And, if you prefer to protect your suitcase before checking it in, avoid doing so with plastic. There are a wide variety of fabric covers that, in addition to being reusable and washable, will protect your suitcase just as well as plastic and pollute far less. 

Forget those “just in case” items

Most will agree that on many trips we put things in our suitcase that we never end up using. It’s time to let go of those “just in case” items. We just need to spend a few minutes thinking about where we’re going and what type of trip we’re taking to pack only what we really need in our suitcase.

With this simple exercise, in addition to saving space and carrying less weight, we’re also respecting the environment, even if we’re not totally aware of it. With this small action, we’re avoiding unnecessary consumption and fostering conscious, responsible consumption.

A responsible toiletry bag

Personal hygiene products like toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo, etc., are must-haves in every suitcase and usually come in plastic containers. In this case, a good alternative is to choose solid products, in bar form, such as shampoo, soap or even toothpaste. In addition, choose toothbrushes made of bamboo, wooden combs and natural sponges. This way, you’ll have a “zero waste” toiletry bag.

Sun cream is another product that you can’t forget to pack in your toiletry bag. Of all the sun creams you’ll find in the aisles, get one that is biodegradable or reef friendly.


Reusable essentials

Reusable fabric bags are also must-haves in an “ecocentric” suitcase. They are a big help for keeping dirty clothes separate, as well as for storing the souvenirs you’ve purchased on your trip for your loved ones. This way, you’ll avoid using plastic bags and contribute to reducing their impact on the planet.

Similarly, always take a reusable water bottle in stainless steel or another resistant material to fill up at water fountains at the airport, train stations, etc. That way you’ll reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. 

In addition to all these tips, at Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts and the “We Are Ecocentric” movement, we invite all members of society to bring out the “ecocentric” side we all have. We want the best for ourselves and our loved ones and, therefore, for the planet. That’s why we encourage society to preserve and conserve the planet, as this is the only way to achieve a great movement with small, individual actions. 

Prepare your “ecocentric” suitcase with these tips!

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