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Come to Tenerife and enjoy the Carnival!

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Don’t miss this year Carnival at Tenerife. Inhabitants of Santa Cruz have chosen the world of Bollywood: India as the subject of Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2013.

Wednesday 06th Election of the Adult Queen The Gala of the Adult Queen Election is the biggest event of the Carnival at Tenerife. Its importance is such that hundreds of journalists of various worldwide mass media attend it to broadcast the event to all corners on the earth. The Gala is also the exaltation of the island woman beauty. The most beautiful and spectacular woman that competes on a huge stage with other women who are also candidates to the prize. But the major characteristic of this important event is the quality and majestic of the costumes that show the Carnival Queens. These girls serve as the international presentation card of these spectacular costumes.

Designers of the level of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada or Vitorio & Lucchino have agreed to highlight the quality of these costumes of great dimensions that usually weigh more than a hundred kilos. Despite its enormous dimensions, with more than five meters high and four meters wide, the young ladies who wear these fantasies walk gracefully with a style that will make us forget their great effort to carry them. Each of these fantasies are financed by private companies, both regional and international, that use the Gala of the Queen Election as a sponsorship platform.

For which one will you bet?

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