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Everything you need to know about Carnival in Mexico

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carnival in mexico
Carnival is coming to Mexico. Confetti and excitement fill the streets and beaches in every city and village. The beauty and spectacularity of these lively few days leave an undeniable impression on all visitors. Did you know that Mexico’s carnivals are supposed to be some of the most exciting in the world? This celebration is one of the best examples of folklore in the country, making it something you cannot miss this February on your trip to the Riviera Maya.

The first celebrations in Mexico started in the 16th century with rituals and Aztec dancing. These celebrations included lots food, drink, dancing and shows prior to Lent, a recognised time for practicing abstinence. Nowadays, aspects of the culture of indigenous communities are still celebrated in some villages in Mexico.

Although the origins of this festival are not Mexican, but European, this lively destination knows how to celebrate Carnival better than anywhere. Not only because of how they dress up and their use of creative floats, but for the incredible way in which they organise activities and parades with neighbouring cities.

Carnival in Mexico

The party starts with a curious ritual: burning a figure meant to represent worries and moodiness. Once the ash disappears, the parades, representing the King and Queen of Carnival start. The giant floats, dance and music make this festival the happy celebration it is, with costumes paying homage to monumental figures in Mexico’s history and outfits with religious connotations.

Beaches are filled with excitement and concerts. Take Playa del Carmen as an example. This is the perfect place for celebrating Carnival on the coastline of the Caribbean Sea. In some regions, some of the typical festivities are: Corzo, popular amongst children; the Algarabia Campechana Parades, in which people wear traditional suits and La Pintadera, where everyone heads outside armed with balloons filled with paint and water.

You should most definitely experience Carnival in Mexico at least once in your life. Choose your best outfit, forget about any embarrassment you may feel and discover Mexican folklore in one of the country’s most incredible celebrations. You won’t be able to wait for next year!

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