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6 essentials do in Punta Cana

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You have very little time left to come and enjoy yourselves in paradise and it’s time to prepare for your trip to the Caribbean. In addition to making the most of everything your PPunta Cana Hotel offers, you want to know what other experiences you can enjoy while on your visit to this beautiful corner of the world. Do not worry, at the Bahia Principe we make it easy by highlighting in this post the 6 experiences that you must enjoy in Punta Cana.

experiences that you can not miss out on in Punta Cana

Eastern National Park: This is a protected natural reserve that streches for miles in which you can enjoy some of the natural wonders, such as its great marine and terrestrial biodiversity, as well as some archaeological remains left by the Tainos (first inhabitants of the area) in the incredible caves that can also be visited in this park.

Isla Saona: What do you think of when you dream of the Caribbean? Surely being on a white sandy beach, surrounded by coconut trees, bathed by a turquoise sea in which peace reigns supreme. Yes, that’s Isla Saona, one of the tours in Punta Cana that you can do during your stay in the tropical Caribbean.

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Ecological Park Ojos Indigenas: A forest reserve that allows hiking while you get close to the local vegetación. It is an excursion suitable for the young and old, since it is not overly difficult. Of course, do not forget to take the swimsuit because you can bathe in 3 of the 12 lagoons there. These give the park its name, since the Taínos called the lagoons ‘eyes’ due to their round shape.

Water activities: Bathing in the sea is not the only thing that the Caribbean has to offer in this part of the world. If Punta Cana is known for anything it is because of the amount of water activities that you can enjoy in it. Diving, catamaran sailing, swimming with dolphins, sailing sports, enjoying a massage on a floating island… everything is possible on your all inclusive holiday in Punta Cana.

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Visit to Higüey: To know get to know what the country is like, besides its beaches you must visit one of the cities. Higüey is the largest town in the province of Altagracia, where Punta Cana is located, where you can get to know the very friendly locals and their way of life. There you can also visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Altagracia (a modern building on the old sanctuary) or the Church of San Dionisio (dating from the 16th century).

Local gastronomy: If Punta Cana is a gift to the sight, so is it for the palate. During your stay in this paradisiac corner of the world do not forget to try some of the local delicacies, from the simplest, such as tasting the wonderful papaya (or lechosa as they call it there) or accompany the dishes with banana tostones, to the most elaborate , Like the 7-meat stew.

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