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Typical Mexican handcrafts: Alebrijes

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Alebrijes are typical Mexican handcrafts from Oaxaca. Made by hand on carved treated wood or using the cartonería technique (the one to make piñatas); and painted by hand normally with natural pigments. They are imaginary creatures result of combining the limbs of various animals, real and fantastic, with bright colours and decorated with fine detail.

It is said that in 1936 Mr. Pedro Linares Lopez, cartonero by trade, inspired by a fever dream created alebrijes. In the dream, he wandered in a forest and on his way back to consciousness these interesting characters who were shouting to each other “Alebrije, Alebrije” accompanied him. Don Pedro saw, for example, a winged donkey, a rooster with bull horns and a lion-headed dog. The strange figures have often tail, wings, fangs, horns and other.


The structure is made of wire or reed and is modelled with cardboard and paper before being decorated with bright colours. His work was exhibited in the United States and Europe he added an important creation to Mexican folk and traditions. His family and thousands of artisans carry on making alebrijes.


When you visit Bahia Principe in Riviera Maya don’t forget to look for your alebrije in our lobby shops and in the handcraft stores in the Hacienda Doña Isabel.

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