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An old, modern Tulum

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Tulum, Riviera Maya
Leave things behind at home on your trip to the Riviera Maya: stress, rush and routine… except for your camera, especially if your destination is Tulum, with everything found in it part of a 5 star experience in the Caribbean, like the archaeological remains of the Maya civilisation found next to the sea.

The Mayans call this city ‘Muralla’, which is what Tulum means, but another previous name for it was ‘Zamá’, which means sunrise. This is because there are not many places as beautiful as this one to start the day.

Even though it is not known when this city was built, it is considered to be around 900 years old. It also appears to have been an important centre of commerce as many things have been found in Tulum that do not belong in the natural surroundings.

What is sure is that it served as a place of defense to protect the Mayans from outside threats, by sea or on land. By sea through the problems boats faced with the rocks of the shore, the nearby coral reef to be exact. On land through the thick walls, between 3-5 metres high and their density of up to 6 metres.

This city remained uninhabited until the start of the 16th century and it was not until 1841 when explorers penetrated its interior after it had been constricted by the rain-forest.

However, if you find Tulum’s past fascinating, it is nothing compared to its current state. Nowadays, you can enjoy one of the best beaches in the world. Turquoise-blue water and white-sand contrast against the high cliffs where the Mayan ruins can be found.

In this sea you can practice snorkeling in order to discover the rich marine life. If you enjoy diving in open water, you won’t find a better place than here, as another of the destination’s best attractions are the natural wells, attracting the majority of tourists who wish to practice underwater activities, with the coral reefs having been barely explored, leaving their natural charm completely intact.

In addition to this, golf enthusiasts can practice their swing without moving from this relaxing place. You will discover two 18 and 9-hole golf courses in the Mayan jungle. Surrounded by lakes and natural wells, players can practice their favourite sport in the middle of a tropical land. This is the best anti-stress formula.

No doubt about it, you have to visit Tulum. When you are there, do not miss out on going on an excursion to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, the third biggest in Mexico for discovering the flora and fauna that resides in this incredible place.

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