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Jamaica in August: celebrate independence

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Are you thinking about a trip to Jamaica in August? Keep reading, because this will interest you. The 6th of August is an important day on the calendar for every Jamaican because it is when Jamaica Independence Day is celebrated. This is the day when the country’s people remember the history of Jamaica, their ancestors, their struggle and everything that has been achieved.

The various conquests by the Spanish and English, the banana and sugar plantations, and slavery transformed this island into a strategic location for sailors and traders.

The pro-independence process in Jamaica was inspired by the slave rebellions that
led to the end of colonialism. Jamaica was the scene of intense social struggles for the slaves, abolitionist movements, and against the mandate set by the British crown.

In 1944, Jamaica lost its status as a British colony and joined the West Indies Federation. However, it was not until 1962 – when the West Indies Federation was dissolved – and August 6th of the same year that Jamaica achieved complete independence from the United Kingdom.

If you visit Jamaica during the first week of August, you will find a variety of activities
taking place that include music, dancing, parades, culinary events, art, competitions and much more. Get ready to see the country in all its colourful glory. Jamaican culture will be everywhere, whether in the music, in the performing arts or in the literature you encounter. 


If you’re thinking about a trip to Jamaica, we recommend the following hotels: Bahia
Principe Luxury Runaway Bay
or Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica. These hotels are located in the Runaway Bay area, on the coast of Jamaica, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural areas in the region. There you will find places overflowing with leisure and entertainment options that are perfect for dancing through the night or relaxing under the sun for total peace and quiet.


Jamaica is diversity, freedom and emotions. However, first and foremost, Jamaica is the land of Bob Marley. It is the land of music. The best destination in the world if rhythm flows through your veins. This is where Bob Marley was born and also where the most vibrant and electrifying sounds in history come from, such as ska, dub, reggae and calypso, etc. The entire Rastafari culture that arose around these sounds is still one of the island’s greatest hallmarks today.

We encourage you to explore the most authentic places in Jamaica and be surprised by the flavour of its gastronomy, the rhythm of its music and the beauty of its landscapes. A place where you’ll enjoy countless experiences packed with this unique culture.

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