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Holidays in Runaway Bay | Bahia Principe

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Runaway Bay is located on the coast of Jamaica and is considered to be one of the prettiest natural areas in the region. The first thing that will take your breath away about Jamaica is that, despite being an island that is only 240 km long and 80 km wide, it is one of the islands with the most abundant natural diversity in the Caribbean.

It is also one of the most mountainous. It’s warm, humid climate encourages vegetation to grow wildly, almost unnaturally, creating idyllic landscapes in which to enjoy the exuberance of this magical land.

At the hotels in Jamaica, specifically in the Runaway Bay area, you will find places overflowing with leisure and entertainment options that are perfect for dancing the night away or relaxing under the sun for total peace and quiet. Jamaica is plurality, freedom and feelings. However, first and foremost, Jamaica is the land of Bob Marley. It is the land of music. The best destination in the world if rhythm flows through your veins.


What to do on holiday in Runaway Bay?

At an altitude of 2,500 metres above sea level, Blue Mountain Peak is the highest peak on the island. If you’re looking for a challenging excursion and a memorable experience, don’t forget to pack your hiking boots. The trail up to Blue Mountain Peak is exciting and rather special. There is no other trail like it on the island. You’ll be amazed!

The first part of this excursion is a steep trek along a winding path beneath overhanging rock that is called Jacob’s Ladder. This is the hardest part of the route. As you progress along the trail, you will encounter some impressive views of the Blue Mountain Peak range. A number of basic cabins can also be found on this trail, which are maintained by the Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust

You should be aware that the trail is quite difficult. However, the botanical wealth to be found on these mountains makes it all worth while.

As you descend from the highest peak in all of Jamaica, you will be able to see areas populated with bamboo, soapwood trees, oak and eucalyptus. You will also see colourful wild flowers and hundreds of ferns growing next to the epiphytes and moss on the path. Birdsong will fill the air and accompany you on your excursion as you walk through this lush tropical forest. 

We recommend avoiding walking at night without a guide. Several paths break away from the main trail and it is easy to get lost. It is best to wear hiking boots or strong shoes for walking. Temperatures at the peak can fall to freezing point before dawn, so wear several layers of clothing. Something waterproof is also essential, because the weather can change quickly.

In general, the best time of year to try this excursion is during the dry season on Blue Mountain Peak, which is from December to April.

On a clear day, you can see Buff Bay and Navy Island (Port Antonio) to the north. It is also possible to make out Kingston, Portmore and the coast of St Thomas to the south. You might even be able to see the outline of Cuba (144 km in the distance) from the peak, which projects a clear shadow over the land. As the strong wind blows around you and the day clears up, you may feel like you’re on top of the world, overlooking all of Jamaica, as you realise you have just conquered The Peak.

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