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Eat like the locals do in Jamaica | Bahia Principe

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Runaway Bay is located on the coast of Jamaica and is considered to be one of the prettiest natural areas in the region. At the hotels in Jamaica, specifically in the Runaway Bay area, you will find places overflowing with leisure and entertainment options that are perfect for dancing the night away or relaxing under the sun for total peace and quiet.

Jamaica is diversity, freedom and emotions. However, first and foremost, Jamaica is the land of Bob Marley. It is the land of music. The best destination in the world if rhythm flows through your veins. This is where Bob Marley was born and also where the most vibrant and electrifying sounds in history come from, such as ska, dub, reggae, calypso, etc. The entire Rastafari culture that arose around these sounds is still one of the island’s greatest hallmarks today.

Why not eat to discover the island?

One of the best ways to discover Jamaica is through its food. The most common and popular dishes among the local population include:

Ackee & saltfish: The quintessential Jamaican breakfast. The ackee fruit is oddly similar to scrambled eggs when cooked, while the saltfish adds a tasty depth to the pleasant softness of the ackee.

Brown stew: It is often more of a sauce than a stew. Brown stew dishes are a pleasant combination of sweet and savoury (and slightly spicy); a great option for those not partial to hot dishes.

Oxtail: Slow cooked with butter beans and served with rice, stewed oxtail is an obsession for the locals in Jamaica.

Patties Delicious pies filled with spicy meat, vegetables, fish and prawns. A Jamaican favourite is the patty sandwich: a hamburger squashed between two thick slices of coco bread (a sweet bread baked with coconut milk).

Curry: you will find all sorts of curry dishes in Jamaica because they are very popular here. However, goat curry is perhaps the most popular of them all.

Jerk: an iconic Jamaican dish, this spice seasoning is used on both meat and fish. The meat is either rubbed when dry or marinated with a mix of hot spices called Jamaican jerk.


Rundown chicken: Cooked in spicy coconut milk, this is usually enjoyed at breakfast time.

Fish tea: a spicy soup from Caribbean cuisine in general and Jamaican cuisine in particular. It is similar to a fish broth and can take several hours to make. The ingredients include ground yam, pumpkin, yucca, potatoes and green bananas, all cooked until they are very soft. It is a home remedy for the people of Jamaica as it “warms the belly”.

Eating and drinking at Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Bay
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