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8 Jamaican flavours that you can’t miss

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Jamaica is reggae … but it is also much more than music. This Caribbean island has loads of experiences to offer you. One of them is undoubtedly the gastronomy of Jamaica, since the local cuisine is a mix of intense flavours full of life just waiting to be discovered by its visitors, so if you are traveling to Jamaica make a note of these delights.

Jamaican gastronomy is the result of a mixture of cultures, which is why Indigenous, African, English and, to a lesser extent, Spanish or Portuguese cuisines are present. Its basic ingredients are fish, poultry, rice, vegetables and fruits. But there is something that characterizes it: the important presence of spices that adds a spicy touch to all its dishes that, far from spoiling them, gives them a unique personality.

If you are already planning your all-inclusive vacation in this Caribbean country and you have already chosen your hotel in Jamaica, don’t forget these 8 flavours that you mustn’t miss in our Jamaican traditional food restaurants:

  • Jerk Chicken: A classic of local cuisine. To the excellent quality of the chicken in this country, fed and raised locally, is added one of its best-known sauces, Jerk sauce, made with various spices, which gives it a very intense flavour that will delight any palate.
  • Green Papaya Chutney: One of the oldest recipes on the island, since papaya was already an important food for its first inhabitants. In addition to papaya, other condiments are used such as mango, ginger, tamarind juice, vinegar and chili.
  • Jamaican Patty: What looks like a simple ‘empanadilla’ or type of pasty, is actually an explosion of various flavours, since it can be made with different fillings, but always with a lot of spices. Highly recommended to accompany the local beer, Red Stripe.
  • Sumario: This is perhaps the best way of trying different varieties of well-known Jamaican fish since this dish is a mixture of different fish, mixed with vegetables, coconut milk and various spices; a whole menu for you to try.
  • Ackee with cod: A mixture of one of the most popular fish in Jamaica, cod, with a strange fruit that once cooked takes on the appearance and flavour of scrambled eggs. This is why it is usually eaten at breakfast.
  • Callaloo: More than a dish, callaloo (or callalú) is a multipurpose ingredient. You can find this green leafy vegetable, which is similar to spinach, raw in numerous sauces, as well as in several famous Jamaican soups.
  • Gizzada: How about something a little sweet to finish the meal? You can’t miss a chance to try this small cake originally from Portugal, which seems simple but is full of flavour. On a grooved pastry base is spread a coconut paste spiced with ginger and nutmeg. This sweet delight will leave you wanting to lick your fingers.
  • Coffee and liqueur: You can’t leave Jamaica without trying two local products, which are the ideal way to finish a meal. On the one hand Blue Mountain coffee, known for its mild flavour and one of the best in the world, and on the other Jamaican rum, a delicacy extracted from sugar cane that is almost the national drink of Jamaica.
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