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What to visit near Samaná: Don’t miss Las Galeras

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If you’re thinking of visiting Samaná, a trip to Las Galeras should definitely be on your agenda. This fishing village can be found in the far east of the Samaná Peninsula. Because this area is less popular with tourists, Las Galeras is home to some of the most characteristic and untouched places in the Dominican Republic. The palm trees hanging over the sand, spectacular beaches and impressive cliffs astound everyone who decides to visit. To best enjoy this picture postcard scenery, we recommend visiting any of the vista points at higher altitudes for a great view of the forest, mountains and sea. 

Las Galeras

Some 18 kilometres separate Bahia Principe Luxury Samaná from the fishing village of Las Galeras. We highly recommend exploring this lesser known location. You might be fooled into thinking this area is somewhat isolated and far away from everything else. But we recommend discovering the Dominican essence to be found here. Las Galeras is home to spectacular beaches where you can relax on a sun lounger and while away the time, enjoy fresh fish straight from the sea or simply admire the surrounding nature.

Las Galeras is a meeting point for travellers coming from all over the world, as well as a perfect destination for the various styles of travelling that people enjoy.  This is why you’ll come across people staying at a resort as often as you’ll meet backpackers. This area is home to a number of natural attractions that can be enjoyed from a boat, a car, on foot or on horseback. You can get to them all on your own, provided you are physically fit or have a suitable vehicle for the journey. 


Essential sights near Samaná:

Playa de Las Galeras

The beach in this small village is easy to access, either for a swim or for enjoying the
landscape and the village. It is an essential stop on any visit to this area. You’ll fall in love with the place instantly. 

Playa de Playita

This beach can be found near the village in a place that is popular with both locals and visitors. This beach has good access by foot or motorcycle taxi. You’ll find soft golden sand, leaning palm trees and activities to enjoy while you relax. The lagoon is home to several species of wildlife, but remember to always respect the local flora and fauna. 

Playa Rincón

This beach was described by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the ten prettiest beaches in the world a few years ago. Playa Rincón offers white sand and tranquil turquoise waters surrounded by coconut palms and a great atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying a day at the beach. One end of the beach has tranquil waters where you can enjoy snorkelling and sunbathing, while the other end has rougher seas and waves that will delight anyone looking to bodysurf. You simply
must try the fresh fish to enjoy some genuine Dominican flavours. 


Boca del Diablo

This is a natural phenomenon where the sea crashes against the rocky shores. The water enters one opening with great force and sprays out of various openings on the
surface to spectacular effect, causing a deafening boom and an incredible roar. The water jets that are propelled upwards look like an explosion from the sea.

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