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Cayo Levantado Resort: Wellness, your rhythm of life

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The wellness concept emerged in the United States during the 1950s and could be understood as the search for activities and lifestyles that lead us towards an all-round state of total health. It also influences our physical, social and cultural surroundings, while also ensuring a healthy balance between the various levels of mental, physical and emotional health. It could be defined as the constant, conscious search for living life to its maximum potential.

Cayo Levantado Resort is a new project full of magic and energy that reflects a commitment to supporting development in the country and, above all, the local community. This idea will invite people to discover a different rhythm in the Dominican Republic – the “Hidden Rhythm”.  A concept that becomes real through
experience and that has inspired the renovation work at the resort.

Finding oneself again, unwinding, relaxing, resting, achieving balance… Cayo Levantado Resort will seek to ensure that every guest feels this wellbeing and experience at our new establishment. Spa treatments, meditation, yoga, personalised training sessions… and many other activities that will help travellers enjoy their
holiday and enjoy a different experience.

There is a rhythm here for each day and each individual: forget about stress and take a swim on its beautiful beaches or a walk with your partner through tropical landscapes. We can guarantee a tailored experience just for you. Achieving balance between body and mind, and ensuring that visitors feel that transformation.

Hidden Rhythm

“Hidden Rhythm” means to go with the flow on the island, to connect with and listen to yourself like you’ve never done before. The wellness proposal of this project is comprehensive, touching on body, mind and soul from the first second you step foot onto the island. The hidden rhythm will depend on which of the various sections of the resort our guests visit and, depending on their state of mind and the rhythm they actually need, guests can visit a number of different places on the island. Each person chooses what they want for each part of their stay. Choose your own rhythm. Enjoy a few days of relaxation while enjoying guided physical fitness exercises or unforgettable days of relaxation in spectacular surroundings while doing yoga. Experiences that offer unique days to each traveller.

You can also explore the city of Samaná at your own pace. For this reason we recommend that you use the ferries that you can find at the pier of Cayo Levantado Resort or in Simi Baez.

Reduce stress while learning to relax and concentrate. To do this, technology will form an integral part of this project alongside sustainability to support wellbeing for
the environment and our neighbouring communities. Our goal is to build a different, inclusive vision. Total wellbeing and a unique experience for the user. A 360º vision. Body, mind and spirit. Creating exciting, sustainable experiences.

Discover the hidden rhythm:

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