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Best gift ideas for your partner | Bahia Principe

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Gift ideas that your partner will love

Gifts for your partner are even more important when a special occasion is coming up. They’re an excellent way to show how much you love someone. But not everyone likes repetitive, unoriginal gifts so some unusual ideas can always come in handy.

Gifts are a great way to show your partner how special they are as you’ll not only be giving them a great token; you’ll also show them that they’re so important you took the time and imagination needed to find an original gift to please them.

Best gift ideas for couples

With this selection of ideas you’ll no longer have to wonder about the best gifts for your partner. And if you only want to give one gift, you can always use the other ideas in the future as they’re all excellent and can come in handy any time a special date is coming up.

They can serve as a wedding gift or an anniversary gift for a couple, it all depends on the context of your situation.

An exotic trip

A trip is one of the best original ideas for couples. Thanks to Bahia Principe, you can give someone a relaxing experience and the joy of visiting an exotic destination they’ll never forget.


The gift can start by booking a hotel full of amenities like Bahia Principe Luxury Samaná (RD). The Dominican Republic is not only an exotic tourist destination, it’s also a must-visit location for a fantastic couples experience.

This idyllic location offers a wide range of activities for any couple to enjoy. If you both like dancing, you’ll love spending hours at the different locales in Punta Cana to the beat of merengue. On the other hand, if you want to rekindle the flame, you can spend hours dancing to the slow, sensual rhythm of bachata.

You can enjoy all the romance of a film thanks to the Bahia Principe suites available in this Caribbean paradise. In addition to the activities on offer in the Dominican Republic, for the ultimate relaxing experience, you can add a full spa session to your getaway.

Not all the activities need to be exotic. The beaches of Punta Cana are also a great tourist attractions where you can stroll along the shore or enjoy swimming in the sea.

Romantic dinner

This can be a great idea for more modest couples. There’s no reason for a romantic dinner to be predictable as you can easily add touches of originality.

Firstly, you don’t necessarily need to go to a restaurant, you can prepare something at home using the element of surprise. Your partner will no doubt appreciate the effort you’ve gone to in order to prepare a delicious meal.

Don’t forget the accessories to create a special, romantic atmosphere: a path of roses, candlelight and a good selection of wine. As an added touch, you can choose a great soundtrack for the evening. If you know your partner’s musical tastes, they’ll appreciate the gift even more.

If cooking isn’t your thing and you don’t want to opt for take away, choosing a good restaurant is also an option. To make the gift more romantic and special, you can hire a group to give your partner a surprise serenade while you dine.

Promise ring

Promise rings are a small, symbolic gift that is full of great meaning. While the promise they represent can vary from one couple to another, they’re commonly a promise of love and fidelity.


Although they don’t have the same weight as a wedding ring, you and your partner wearing a promise ring can have great meaning for you both if you know how to value the little details. One of the great advantages of this gift is that you can personalise it and your partner can wear it on any finger as a reminder of you wherever they go.

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