7 books to read on your all-inclusive holiday
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Which book should you read on your next holiday?

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7 books to read on your all-inclusive holiday
Are you dreaming about your next all-inclusive holiday to the Caribbean? Picturing yourself relaxing on a stunning beach with a good book is easy but finding the right one may prove to be a difficult task. Need help? We recommend 7 books to read on your upcoming all-inclusive holiday.

  • La insólita pasión del vendedor de lencería: if you are looking for a book tinged with humour, here it is! Written by Japanese author Asako Hiruta and translated into Spanish, this book tells the story of 32 year old Satsuko, a single publicist who is obsessed with her work. One day she meets Yo Isaji in Toujour Ensemble, which is run by him. He turns out to be a peculiar individual with a vast and eccentric knowledge of the female mind and body.
  • On the Road. A remarkable book that provides to best look into the Beat Generation. In this extraordinary autobiography, Jack Kerouac writes about all the trips he went on through the USA and Mexico with his friends. This is the perfect complement for an enjoyable day at the beach whilst you follow the routes described in this book.
  • The Red Notebook: Laurent, owner of a small Parisian book store finds a woman’s bag in a bin. With the absence of clues left behind about who it belongs to, he uses the objects found in the bag to piece together the life of the stranger. This book is written so well by the author, Antoine Laurain, that you are bound to fall in love with the story.
  • The Trajano Trilogy. You should dedicate a lot of time reading this book. Set during times in which Marco Ulpio Trajano ruled as emperor, these three in-depth books describe the beginning years of Ancient Rome in a world full of tradition, trails, battles and adventure.
  • Invisible Cities. Discover the fantastic tales told by the traveller Marco Polo to Kublai Kan in a truly fascinating book, from beginning to end.
  • Bad Karma. David entices us with this story about Kim Langue, a TV presenter known for his maliciousness. When he dies he is reincarnated as an ant due to bad karma from his previous life. Langue must live a exemplary life as an ant in order to be reincarnated as a human being in the next life.
  • Game of Thrones. Are you ready to dive into the most talked-about world? Discover the stories and surprises of the most famous medieval houses of the last few years as they fight tooth and nail for the iron throne in this fascinating saga which will leave you hooked from beginning to end. Winter is coming!
  • The Hen Party. Written by Emily Benet. Film Director, Kate Miller, is in serious trouble. The entire cast and crew of the reality TV show The Hen Party has gone missing while filming in Mallorca. The novel tells the stories of the hens and the chaotic and comic events that led up to their disappearance. A party of eight arrive on the island, but not everyone´s going home.

Experience, feel and enjoy magic on your all-inclusive holiday. “He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot.”- Miguel de Cervantes. If reading opens the doors to the world, travelling is discovering the beauty that resides inside.

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