Comprar en Samaná
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Where can I go shopping in Samaná?

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Comprar en Samaná

Your holiday is the perfect time to think of your loved ones and treat them to something from your chosen destination. Or maybe you want to treat yourself and go round all the shops in Samaná to find the perfect accessory. Whichever it is, what is certain is that this piece of heaven in the Dominican Republic is a combination of untouched nature and small shops and shopping centres. Discover Taina handmade products and luxury jewellery, in addition to typical Dominican products in a natural setting. Do you need ideas on where to go shopping? We have created an exclusive list of the best places to go shopping from any of our hotels in Samaná.

  • Paseo de la Costanera. This is located in Las Terreas, less than an hour away by car from your hotel in Samaná and it can be compared to a museum of small boutique stores where you can choose between local products like rum, coffee, cocoa and an endless amount of Dominican sweets and displays of Dominican art carved from wood and stone. This shopping centre stands out for its ethnic design and for its display of Caribbean culture, where people chat away animatedly and where you can try the typical cuisine at a very reasonable price. The craftwork is what stands out most here, especially the works of Taino origin, which represent the indigenous trades and lifestyle.
  • Plaza Colonial. This is another classic place found in Las Terrenas. This is a charming square that bears similarities to the capital’s old town. It is formed by small houses and business’ where you can find all kinds of souvenirs and handmade and artistic works. If you are looking for a souvenir for your loved ones, Plaza Colonial is the place to go.
  • Comprar en Pueblo Príncipe

  • Santa Bárbara de Samaná. The capital of the province is home to a number of treasures that you can bring back from the Dominican Republic. One of these is the Larimar gemstone, a semiprecious stone that can only be found in this country in the Caribbean. It reflects blue tones which makes you think of the Caribbean Sea and was discovered in 1974. Now it is used as the main product in silver jewellery. It is undoubtedly something you definitely have to bring back home with you. In addition, Santa Bárbara is famous for its marine produce that you should try whilst taking in the beauty of the Bay of Samaná.
  • Pueblo Principe. This exclusive centre for leisure, shopping and entertainment is found in Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa, for anyone who wants to enjoy a fun day shopping and immersing themselves in the spirit of the Caribbean. This is a picturesque square where you will find all kinds of souvenirs, accessories, culinary products and Dominican handmade products. We also boast a wide variety of restaurants where you can try delicious dishes and typical drinks of Samaná.

Enjoy your holiday to the fullest and treat yourself by going on a walk through all the remarkable streets of the Samaná province. Surprise your loved ones with a unique gift and bring back home a piece of the Dominican Republic in the form of the beautiful Larimar gemstone. Fall in love with Samaná.

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