Zonas de buceo en Samaná
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Where are the best diving spots in Samaná?

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Zonas de buceo en Samaná

We love the crystal-clear water of Samaná and not just because of its warm temperature and the way it caresses the sand, but also because of its wide variety of marine life and flora, such as: extensive coral reefs, sea turtles, lobsters, colourful fish shoals and underwater caves… This sea world is worth discovering on your holiday away from the masses in an untouched setting.

If you are a nature lover, then diving in Samaná should be a must on your list of Caribbean experiences, and more so if you wish to discover every single part of this beautiful destination. In fact, one of the things that makes this province so unique is the natural beauty found in its sea depths and the safety measures implemented for diving (given that it is not a popular place for mass tourism), including maximum supervision in order to avoid accidents. Do you know where the best diving spots are? Read the following list to discover the best diving spots nearby our hotels in Samaná and have the most enriching experience imaginable.

  • Cayo Levantado. Going diving on one of the most beautiful islands in the world is one of the best experiences you can have on holiday. Enjoy your beautiful natural surroundings where you can explore the fish shoals and small ecosystems that have formed on a boat carrying cars that sunk years ago. Less than a mile away is a place where you can discover the coral reef of Cayo La Farola, an island of incredible natural beauty that is home to lobsters, snails, lionfish and scorpionfish.
  • Buceo en Cayo Levantado

  • Las Galeras. This is one of the most popular beginners spots for diving as it boasts beaches with long stretches of sand and an array of services. One of the best beaches for beginners is La Playita, with large zones of coral visible from 11 metres deep, where you can discover huge starfish and rajiformes. Other beaches on this side of the province are those of Madama and Frontón, which are ideal places for immersing yourself in incredible fish shoals to reach the pinnacles of Cabo Cabrón, a rock tower that is home to a wide variety of marine species.
  • Playa Rincón. This is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world which boasts crystal-clear water, making it a must-see on your trip. Located half an hour away from our hotel in Samaná, Playa Rincón stands out for its untouched natural landscapes and turquoise-blue and emerald-green, dotted with impressive coral reefs and rock formations.
  • Samaná Bay. The part that separates the Samaná province and Cayo Levantado is a joy to explore; not only because it is the picture of paradise, but also because it is an ideal spot to admire turtles, rays and giant barracudas, amongst other marine species.
  • Las Ballenas. This is an ideal place to discover the picturesque caves hidden away in the water of the Caribbean, such as the Duda cave, found 25-metres deep that is encased in Dominican vegetation.
  • Are you ready to explore the unique charm of Samaná? Come and discover the enticing Dominican seabed and and enjoy unforgettable experiences in the most untouched zones of the Caribbean.

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