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What should I bring in my suitcase when I travel to Majorca or Tenerife?

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You nearly have everything ready: your destination, hotel… All you have to do now is pack your suitcase. Read on to find out our tips on how to pack your suitcase in the most stress-free way, without forgetting a thing.

Avoid the unnecessary things

Confirm with your hotel what products and services are included in your booking, for example: a hairdryer, laundry service and bathroom amenities.

Avoid bringing any liquids that could leak in your case. These products are also heavier and take up extra space. Keep in mind that you will be travelling to places where it will be very easy to buy the necessities.

The beach

You should keep in mind that the islands’ landscape varies: from sandy or rocky beach coves to beaches with long stretches of sand. For this reason, it is important to remember to bring water shoes or booties to walk across the rocky coves comfortably, in addition to your trainers for those incredible beach coves you have to hike to get to. Remember to bring your swimming costume, goggles and things you enjoy, such as: books, music and playing cards…

The city

Both Majorca and Tenerife are city destinations therefore we recommend bringing clothes to go out in, for dinner or for walks around the museums, art galleries and the beautiful and picturesque streets.

The mountains

If you plan on going on a hike, do not forget to plan your itinerary and bring appropriate clothing as temperatures may vary at the peaks. We recommend going with a guide and consulting all the activities you can do.

Islands to enjoy all-year-round

If you travel in spring, bring a coat, in addition to your summer clothes as the weather is cooler in the afternoons and evenings. In summer, you can forget about bringing a coat as all you need are shorts, skirts and swimwear. Before leaving home, remember to consult the weather forecast which will help you decide what clothes to bring.


No matter when you come, always make sure you bring these items: sunglasses, a hat, biodegradable sun cream, a first-aid kit, plug adapter and pocket dictionary. We recommend making a list of the essentials a few days before packing your suitcase and, if you are a bit of a scatterbrain, think of the things you normally forget about and, when you remember them, put them in a special place or jot them down so you do not forget about them.


We recommend bringing both your original passport and an extra copy, another ID, your driver’s licence and health insurance card. If you are part of the EU, then bring your European health card.


The local currency is euros, but it is also very easy to pay by card.

Your mobile and Wi-Fi

Before leaving home, make sure your phone works abroad. If you do not want to use your data roaming, remember to keep it on flight mode throughout your trip and download everything you need before you set off: digital documents, apps, maps (you can save the places you want to visit on these).

Leave space for your souvenirs

Both Majorca and Tenerife are rich with culture and traditions. With this being said, we are sure you will want to relive your experience once you get home. Leave some space in your suitcase so you are able to bring something back from the island you travel to. 

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