Samaná whales
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What do you know about humpback whales?

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Have you ever seen a whale? The natural paradise of Samana and the warm waters of the Caribbean between December and March attract these very special visitors. The humpback whale, one of the world’s most magnificent mammals, will swim to the shores of Samana to get away from the winter climate of Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the USA. Would you like to learn more about these incredible animals? We are going to let you in on 5 curious facts about humpback whales that you can discover for yourself on your all-inclusive trip to Samana.

· Humpback whales owe their name to the dorsal fin that sits on a large “hump” on their back. This is a protected species that measures about 16 metres long and stands out from other cetaceans for its very long pectoral fins. Contrary to what people tend to think, these mammals are slow swimmers and can submerge 7-metres deep into the water for 20 minutes.

· Is there an exact number for how many cetaceans you will discover on your holiday? Yes there is: about 3000 whales will arrive to the shores of Samana. They come to find a partner or to give birth to their children as the warm temperature of the Caribbean Sea is the perfect setting for feeding their babies during the first few days of their lives.

· When we mention finding a partner, we are referring to their impressive jumps and shows of strength that you will be able to witness on the shores of Samana. Males attempt to woo their future mating partners with a series of spectacular leaps and stunts.

· If this tactic does not work then males start singing a song that can only be heard beneath the water to try to attract the attention of the females. Whales have an incredible sense of sound as they can perceive sounds from up to 21 miles away.

· Once the whales have appeared and have fed their babies, it is then time to head back to the Atlantic, in time for the feeding period that lasts until December.

Samaná whales

Humpback whale watching is a fantastic way to dive into this incredible world of marine life with your loved ones and discover nature in its purest form. This is a show you cannot afford to miss out on during your next all-inclusive holiday.

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