Qué hacer en Mallorca
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What are the most popular parties taking place now in Majorca?

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Qué hacer en Mallorca

Autumn is just around the corner and Majorca will soon be enveloped in warm Autumn colours. Its beautiful landscape and warm climate means you can leave your jumpers in the wardrobe for another few months. September is an excellent month to treat yourself to a holiday with the best holiday offers to Majorca. In addition to it being the start of Autumn, this is one of least busy times, where you can unwind on the beach and enjoy an array of cultural activities like the end of summer traditional parties. Discover the typical customs of this unparalleled island on this stunning island in the Mediterranean.

    1. Festes des Vermar. Or Fiesta de la Cosecha. This celebration takes its name from the fact it takes place in Binissalem, a town known for its excellent wine-making. This festival pays homage to the end of the wine harvest and is one of the most fun parties in Majorca due to its grape fights and grape-stomping. During the last two weeks of September, this village becomes a hub of activity that attracts everyone from the island, organising processions, fire dances and wine tasting. It is also the perfect chance to try one of the most delicious dishes in Majorca, served only at this celebration; the Fideus de Vermar which is a noodle soup with lamb. This is the ultimate delicious delicacy.

    2. Canamunt and Canavall. This is one of the most famous parties in Palma which attracts a vast array of spectators. The most anticipated event of this celebration amongst young people is the water fight which commemorates the battle that took place between the districts of Canamunt, the highest point of the city; and i Canavall, the lowest point of the city; during the 16th and 17th centuries. During this fun event, you will see more than 3,000 people battling with more than 20,000 litres of water, with those on the side of Canamunt wearing red t-shirts and those fighting on the side of Canavall wearing yellow ones.

    3. Rey Jaume I. Celebrated at the start of this month in Santa Ponsa, this party honours the disembarkment of King James I on the coast of Majorca. Here, locals recreate the famous battle of the “Moors and the Christians”, where James I retook the island. This is a fun fictitious battle where participants dress up as horses or Arabs and fight with firecrackers and coloured smoke balls.

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    4. Sa Festa des Cavall. Otherwise known as the horse festival. This consists of a recreation of the horse shows of San Juan in Minorca, in Ses Salines. In the centre of a crowd of locals, you will find a horse show consisting of jumps and dances which is the main attraction of one of the best celebrations in this zone of Majorca.

    5. Dijous Bo. This is the party of all parties. Dijous Bo is one of the most famous celebrations on the island which takes place in Inca. This fair consists of a vast array of craftwork, typical products, music, clothing and food and attracts countless visitors in November.

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