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A wedding planner’s secrets for the perfect wedding

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It’s happening, you’re getting married! The moment you’ve dreamed of is getting closer… the organizing, the ceremony, the food, the music, the decorations, the guests… it’s all getting closer. But relax! Because our wedding planner will share the secrets you need to make your day a great one.

What are the basic, most important steps for organizing a wedding?

1. Choosing a date
2. Setting a budget
3. Calculating the number of guests
4. Looking for and reserving a venue
5. Organizing the legal documentation

A dream location for the celebration?

Every couple has their own style. But of course, a wedding surrounded by nature is a great opportunity to give the event a magical, original touch.

For example, a wedding on a Caribbean beach... imagine Riviera Maya, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic as possible settings… it’s like something out of a movie! And the best part is that the style can be adapted to each couple. You could have anything from an intimate, bohemian ceremony to a luxurious tropical wedding. Plus, you’ll be able to start your honeymoon right away.

What should you avoid when planning a wedding?

Wanting to have absolute control over everything is tempting for the bride and groom. It’s very important to avoid letting yourselves get caught up in stress and nerves. A wedding planner will help you figure out the best option according to your tastes and essence and will make sure everything goes perfectly for your wedding.

What does a wedding planner do?

They are in charge of coordinating, planning, and supervising each detail to make the bride and groom’s dream come true. They are the couple’s best advisor and counselor.

Through an interview, they get to know your tastes, budget, and the number of guests. According to the couple’s preferences, they provide advice on: location, decoration, set-up, drinks, food, the cake, and all of the necessary details for the event. Plus, they give advice on the value for money of the services and new market trends. This planning period can take months!

Lastly, they do a final interview a few days before the wedding to confirm the details.

What are the advantages of hiring a wedding planner?

– Everything will fit in your desired budget. There are no surprises or unexpected expenses, which make organization difficult and prevent you from enjoying what’s really important.

– Experienced, professional advice. A wedding planner has experience and knows how to avoid mistakes, plan ahead, solve problems and make the necessary improvements.

– The couple doesn’t have to worry about paperwork or formalities. That tedious part will be in an expert’s hands, who’ll take care of coordinating everything with their trusted suppliers. This way, the couple won’t have to worry about unexpected surprises.

– You’ll enjoy your preparations from the very beginning without worries or stress.

Now that you have an expert’s tips and advice, take the plunge and celebrate your wedding in a natural oasis. A postcard that will be ingrained in your memory and in those of all your guests on that special day.

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