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The wildlife of the Riviera Maya and its environment I

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is known for being a diverse area in both ecosystems and species of plants and animals. According to a study by the World Wildlife Found, the country is the third one worldwide in terms of biodiversity, after Brazil and Colombia. Practically it has about 12% of all documented species.

The state of Quintana Roo is located in the neo-tropical region of the country; an area of high diversity in native species: hundreds of fish and bird species , over 80 species of reptiles and amphibians, dozens of species of mammals,  thousands  of spiders, terrestrial insects and marine invertebrates, plus several hundred plant species. Added to this, the location and climate make us a temporary place for many species of migratory birds.

Many of these species are endemic (ie they live only in this region) and some of them, like the chara yucateca (Coyanocorax yucatanicus Dubois), with bright blue and black feathers, or the bolsero yucateco (Icterus auratus Bonaparte), with bright orange feathers, are so common and outstanding that almost no visitor can miss the opportunity to find them.

Other local species, such as sea turtles that are still relatively abundant, and jaguars, which is very rare to find, are emblematic of the natural wealth of the area. But at the same time they are in danger of extinction. They are symbols of the challenges this area of high and rapid tourism development is facing, it involves threats caused by habitat loss and pollution of soil and water.
We invite our guests to enjoy the beauty of the resort’s wildlife in Grand Bahia Principe Riviera Mayaand surroundings. We also invite you to join in protecting our ecosystems: its flora and fauna, and you’ll be contributing to preservation and helping tourism to be a long term sustainable activity.

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