The benefits of coconut for your body
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The benefits of coconut for your body

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Soft and radiant skin? Hydrated hair in the Caribbean? Both of these are possible if you use coconut. We are sure you have heard of this tropical fruit with its intense fragrance but what do you actually know about this fruit? Yes, it was the main star of the film, “Cast Away” alongside Tom Hanks, but, as well as that, it also contains lots of natural benefits for your body and health. The best thing about it is that you do not even have to move from your 5 star hotel in the Dominican Republic to enjoy it.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and so it is essential that we keep it hydrated and cared for. Our day-to-day responsibilities sometimes make it impossible to look after our body properly. Luckily, this is when holidays come into the picture as they are the perfect reason to restore good habits. Can you imagine yourself enjoying a massage with coconut oil and the sound of the waves in the background?

Having been cultivated since the 16th century, coconut oil contains a lot of different medicinal properties: from deep body & hair hydration to helping to prevent infections and providing benefits for the immune system. Gently massage the oil into your hair or onto your body to get rid of dead skin cells that keep the areas dry and coarse. It also alleviates and prevents the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

If you want strong and healthy hair then this fruit is the solution. Thanks to its incredible fungicide properties, coconut oil is great for getting rid of dandruff. By applying it from the root to the ends, your scalp will become smoother and shinier which will help to prevent dandruff. Opt for the scalp massage at our spa in the Dominican Republic and enjoy healthier hair. You will love the results!

The benefits of coconut for your body

For the best hydration for your hair, you have to be consistent. With this in mind, why don’t you enjoy an intensive natural treatment during your stay? Choose the hotel that most suits your preferences and fall in love with the renewed smoothness of your hair and the sensational fragrance of coconut, the memory of which will remind you of your Caribbean stay forever.

Holidays are made for relaxing, making memories and investing some time in yourself. How should you do this in the Caribbean? The best way is to enjoy the benefits of coconut on your skin and relieve tension in the spa area at the hotel of your choosing. Give yourself a well-deserved treat and enjoy our hydrating and exfoliating treatments. The key to success is to feel good in your own body. With this is mind, are you ready to try coconut for yourself?

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