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On The Path Towards Zero Waste

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On May 17th we celebrate International Recycling Day

In 2016 we began our journey toward more environment-friendly management with one priority being to improve waste management. As such, we implemented a Selective Management System in all our hotels. This project has allowed us to considerably reduce the waste deposited in a landfill by 10,000 Tons, an amount equivalent to a one-meter-high layer in an area the size of two soccer fields.

In 2019 we extended this commitment to all business units and workspaces within Grupo Piñero. We installed recycling bins in all company’s offices; reinforced training; increased internal audits; and optimized data collection and analysis. Our hotel division has increased its recycling rate by 7.5%, reaching 3,900 tons of recovered waste (580 plastic, 2,200 glass, 660 paper and cardboard, 155 metal, 214 oil and 55 hazardous waste).

On this road toward a circular economy there are many changes that we must address. In this sense, year 2021 will mean the beginning of a new path towards Zero Waste, as we pivot our focus from only reducing waste to also generating resources. The first step in this direction has already been taken: we have partnered with a waste recovery company from Tenerife (Spain) to generate biogas from the organic waste from our hotels, which will be used in the electrical generation for our operations.

A Healthy Environment is a measurably positive influence on our well-being and our health: the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat depend to a large extent on the state of conservation of our environment. Recycling is key in achieving the goal of Zero Waste.

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