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Mayan calendar and the end of this era.

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 According to artists and theorists of the “New Age” movement, there is a myth that the world is created and destroyed several times; so they say, will happen again.
The Mayan calendar is cyclical and repeats every 52 years. In the long count, the calculation began in what would be August 13th 3114 BC of the Gregorian calendar.
It is believed that the Mayan priests had astronomical and mathematical knowledge to interpret, according to their religious worldview, years and the future of humans.
Apparently throughout Mesoamerica the same calendar was used as it keeps similarities with those used in the Olmec culture (which is older than the Maya) and the Mexica.
The calendar or “count of days” consists of 260 days. It is believed to be related to the duration of human pregnancy, on the other hand it is related to the planet Venus. It was used for religious ceremonies, predicting the arrival and duration of the rainy season, hunting and fishing as well as for foretelling people’s fate. The Mayan calendar long count ends its cycle of 5125 years during the winter solstice on December 21st 2012 at 11:12 UTC. It is believed that the world as we know it will come to an ending; leading to the end of this civilization and the beginning of another, humans experience a positive transformation that marks the launching of a new era.
It is noteworthy that the current Mayan people don’t consider significant that date. It has even been discovered a Mayan calendar that extends over 7000 years and repeats cyclically.
Also, astronomers and scientists reject these forecasts and compare the fears of 2012 with those of December 31, 999 and 1999.
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