How to be more ecocentric

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We are ecocentric.

Yes. We care about our environment. 
We want to take care of it and preserve it, because we want our clients to keep visiting us. We hope they will continue to discover the idyllic places that surround us.
We want the waters of our beaches to remain transparent, so that our families can continue to dive into them. So we have decided to tell it here, loud and clear, to see if we can all bring out the ecocentric in all of us. 

01 Use biodegradable or reef friendly sunscreen.

02 –  Control your water consumption. Reuse towels, turn off the faucet while brushing and do all those things that you learned about saving water. To help a little, we have put water savers on all the faucets. 

03 – Take advantages og natural light, use energy-saving light bulbs, turn things off.

04 – Don’t step on vegetation off the marked paths and tracks. If you’re in the mood for some jungle exploration, ask at our excursion center.

05 – Recycle whatever you can. At our hotels and residential complexes, we make it easy for you.

06 – Consume local products and responsible brands.

07 – Plant trees or plants. If the Amazon is a bit out of your way, you’ve always got your balcony or your garden.

08 – Consume less. As a general rule. Clothing, electronics, cosmetics, junk food… it’s actually the nost direct way to reduce environmental degradation.

09 – Practice sustainable tourism. When you travel, make sure that you support businesses that help to make things better.

10 – Think about the planet you want to leave to your children. Nieces and nephews are also accepted!

This movement is aimed at all those who believe that this extraordinary planet is THEIRS. Are you up for it? Visit our website and learn more about our movement.

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