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How do we celebrate Canary Islands Day?

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Día de las islas Canarias en Tenerife

Happy Canary Islands Day! You are in for a day full of activities and great atmosphere. If you are looking for interesting things to do on your holiday to Tenerife, then we recommend taking part in Canary Islands Day which is a very important day for locals and an excellent way for you to discover the culture, customs and celebrations of this stunning island that you will love from the very start of your holiday.

This Canarian celebration will take place on 30th May. There will be all sorts of parades, concerts, typical products, expositions and sports taking place in this vibrant and exciting celebration that islanders go all out for. Get as much rest as you can at your hotel in Tenerife as this day guarantees nonstop dancing.

The celebration starts with a large display of local products like crops, livestock and farm animals in all the main cities and villages. In Costa de Adeje and Puerto de la Cruz you’ll see locals dressed up in typical wear, playing instruments and singing traditional songs like ‘malagueñas’ and ‘sorondongos’. The most popular shows are those consisting of music and dancing, for example: ‘baile del vivo’, a fun dance where women try to take off the men’s hats.

Fiestas en Tenerife

There are parties in the streets and the ‘guachinches’ (typical bars for wine and homemade food) or stands serving traditional food, are packed with people wanting to try the typical potatoes with mojo sauce or a bowl of ‘puchero canario’ (meat & veg stew), accompanied by ‘gofio’ (products made from a typical flour). Have you ever watched a ‘salto del pastor’ (shepherd’s leap)? This is one of the oldest sports in the Canary Islands, originating from the period in which we had shepherds. The athlete or the “shepherd” leaps down the mountain using just a long wooden pole. In addition to this, the Canary Islands are home to other traditional sports, such as: Canarian wrestling, Canarian handball, Canarian boules and typical card games.

Other activities you’ll witness are: parades with floats and animals, dances and beach concerts with traditional music and popular artists. The shows and firework displays are the best way to end this exciting day. Feel like a true Canarian during this celebration that attracts so many people from all over the world and enjoy these festivities in the great outdoors. We guarantee you will have boundless fun in Tenerife!

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