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Gri Gri Lagoon in San Juan River, a paradise for ecotourism

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Bahia Príncipe San Juan
White beaches, turquoise waters, colorful houses… Rio San Juan, on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, is one of the most vibrant and least visited destinations on the island, where some of the best hotels in the Dominican Republic are located as well as one of the country’s unparalleled natural wonders: Gri-Gri Lagoon.

Here you can admire a mangrove forest, formed mainly by the so-called red and white mangroves; a wide variety of aquatic animals, as well as various species of birds, including kites, herons and doves, which make this place a paradise for ecotourism lovers.

This beautiful corner of nature takes its name from the Gri Gri tree, also known as black olive, which are very abundant in the area. The wood from this tree is highly sought after since, although it is very tough to work with, it is also very resistant to fungi and termites.

However the strangest thing is that this lagoon has not always been there. It was only a spring that connected a stream to the sea, but in 1958 there was an earthquake in the area and the groundwater through flowed creating the lagoon that we can enjoy today.

The Gri Gri Lagoon is usually visited by boat on an excursion that lasts approximately half an hour and starts in the lagoon, continues along a natural canal that leads to the mouth of the lagoon and ends at one of the best known beaches in the area, Playa Caletón, which with its calm and transparent waters invite you to relax and enjoy the best of the Caribbean.

But if your body is looking for an adventure, in Bahia Principe we suggest a much more original way of reaching this place, like a trip on horseback to the Gri Gri Lagoon. Come to the Grand Bahia Principe San Juan and experience an unforgettable experience thanks to the exotic nature of the Caribbean in one of the best hotels in the Dominican Republic.

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