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Feel the atmosphere of the Dominican Republic’s king of sports

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In the Dominican Republic, baseball is not just another sport or entertainment. We’re talking about the country’s official sport, its king of sports. For Dominicans it’s a way of life. Dominicans know this sport as “la pelota”, the majority of Dominicans, large and small, play it and it arouses passion in those who play and watch it. It doesn’t matter which town or city you visit in the Dominican Republic. 

If there is a large enough space to play, you will find the locals playing the sport which, for them, is their life and stands for the love for, and unity with, their country. 

For the younger generations, baseball stands for a dream of having a better future and the possibility of becoming one of the most famous baseball players in the world. This is a reality for Dominican players such as Sammy Sosa, Pedro Martínez, David Ortiz, Robinson Canó, José Reyes, Juan Marichal, Bartolo Colón, and many others. 

Origin and History

There are different dates for when baseball was introduced to the Dominican Republic. Some say that it was introduced in 1886 by the brothers Ignacio and Ubaldo Alomá. Other sources say that Cubans who lived in the Dominican Republic between 1894 and 1896 were responsible for the sport’s popularity. A third version says that the official start date was 25 September 1886, when some Cuban sailors gave a demonstration of the game on some land close to the port town of San Pedro de Macorís. Last but not least, there is a theory that Americans introduced the sport during the first American occupation in 1916. The Dominican Republic Baseball League was formed in 1955 and joined Major League Baseball in the USA.

During the 1940s, championships started to be set up as the number of players, the sport, and the desire to play were increasing. The dictator Rafael Trujillo drove the construction of the first baseball stadium in 1946. This is currently known as Estadio Quisqueya

Catch baseball fever and become yet another fan

One way to get a sense of this passion is to go and see one of the league games. We recommend you visit the Dominican Republic Dominican Baseball League’s official web site. Once there, you can see the match calendar and buy your tickets. You can enjoy baseball from October to January; the regular series is played in December, the elimination series, or round robin, which decides the teams that qualify for the final series, in January, and, then the Caribbean series takes place, which is played by teams from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. There’s no excuse not to visit the Dominican Republic and enjoy a live match in person. It’s a highly recommendable experience if you want to immerse yourself in Dominican culture and you like the sport.

You can find some of the country’s landmark stadiums in the Dominican Republic:

– Juan Marichal Stadium, in Santo Domingo, where the Tigres del Liceo (Liceo Tigers) and the Leones del Escogido (Escogido Lions) play 

– Cibao Stadium, in Santiago, where the Águilas Cibaeñas (Cibaeñas Eagles) play

– Tetelo Vargas Stadium, in San Pedro de Macorís, where the Estrellas Orientales (Eastern Stars) play

The greatest pride of Dominican Republic baseball are its three players who have been inducted in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown: Juan Marichal of the San Francisco Giants in 1983, Pedro Martínez, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, in 2015, and Vladimir Guerrero, batter for the Los Angeles Angels, in 2018.

Quisqueya Baseball Stadium, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Are you ready to immerse yourself in true Dominican culture?

Now that you know that baseball is a passion in the Dominican Republic and is a unique experience. It’s time to prepare your trip to the Dominican Republic: unforgettable sunsets, wonderful beaches, wide bays where you can enjoy maximum relaxation. 

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You will fall in love forever when you visit: Playa Rincón, Las Terrenas, Salto del Limón waterfall… and charming villages such as Los Pescadores, where you will find the liveliest nightlife in the area.

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