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February celebrations in the Dominican Republic

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February is a very special month for the Dominican Republic. The country celebrates carnival in style and finishes the month with its independence day. The streets fill with music, color, joy, and dancing. Many people choose to travel to the Dominican Republic over the course of the month because the festivities, spirit, and culture of the Dominican people can be found at every turn.


Carnival celebrations take place every weekend of February throughout the Dominican Republic, and everything culminates in Santo Domingo with a parade representing each of the country’s cities.

This celebration features a great variety of costumes from all over the country, highlighting the cultural identity and creativity of the Dominican people in a truly vibrant month. Each city celebrates carnival with the same traditions, but with local differences. This is reflected in the unique costumes, dances, and masks, which are filled with color, fringing, mirrors, and more.

The most popular characters are Diablo Cojuelo, Calife, or Roba la Gallina. In San Pedro de Macorís, you will find Los Guloyas, which are considered a piece of world heritage. Carnival is a deeply rooted tradition among the Dominican people and an authentic expression of their identity.


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Independence Day in the Dominican Republic

The celebration of Dominican independence highlights the cultural and national identity of the country. Every February 27, the country celebrates its independence with parades and traditional music across all its provinces. The most famous event takes place in Santo Domingo, with a military parade along the historic Malecón boulevard.

This day honors the founding fathers Juan Pablo Duarte, Ramón Matías Mella, and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, and remembers the secret society founded by Juan Pablo Duarte called “La Trinitaria” The group organized a coup d’état against the governors of Haiti from the city of Santo Domingo. With the shot of a cannon from Puerta del Conde, they proclaimed the independence of the Dominican Republic as a sovereign state and its separation from Haiti, before raising the blue, red and white flag: the same flag we know today.


The flag itself was designed by Concepción Bona and María Trinidad Sánchez, along with other women. The flag had emerged from a project conceived by Juan Pablo Duarte, approved on July 16, 1838 by La Trinitaria, where they presented the colors and shape of the ensign that would represent the new country.

Now that you know about the full range of festivities taking place in February in the Dominican Republic, there is nothing holding you back from discovering and relaxing in the most idyllic corners of the country. Are you ready to see it all for yourself?

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