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Dominican Republic: delicious sensations for the palate

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From the moment you step on the island the Dominican republic can totally wake up your senses. But if there is one sense that is affected more than any other in this country it is your sense of taste thanks to the delicious Dominican cuisine, the intensity of which means that every day is filled with unique sensations that you will want to repeat again and again on your vacation.

When you arrive we suggest you try one of their natural delicacies: the papaya. We imagine that you have already tasted this fruit elsewhere, but not here, not with this aroma and this juicy softness that fully justifies the name by which it is known here: the ‘milky’. Even if you are not used to having a fruit breakfast, we are sure that now you will answer your body’s call to start the day in the most healthy and delicious way.

The tostones will also be a simple but wonderful accompaniment to the meals. Crispy and perfect with all the dishes, it is one of the great discoveries in this wonderful Caribbean country, where a great deal of care is taken over tasty food and you are encouraged to pamper yourself by eating these delicious dishes.

Catibias (delicious empanadas with pasta made from cassava and stuffed with various ingredients), quipes (the recipe arrived on the island with Lebanese immigrants and it provides a different method of making empanadas, this time based on corn) and some well stewed beans accompanied by perfect rice. Doesn’t your mouth begin to water just thinking about all these dishes?

But if there is one dish that totally wins it’s the Sancocho Dominican. It could be said that it is the national dish of this beautiful country … and not surprisingly. Although there are simplified versions designed for the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with luck you can try the most traditional recipe, more luxurious because of its long preparation being made with 7 different types of meat that bring different nuances to the dish. In short, it’s a perfect example that being in a hurry in the kitchen isn’t good and that the best way to get the flavor out of life is to enjoy it on a slow heat.

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