Eternal Traveller Syndrome
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Do you know what Eternal Traveller Syndrome is?

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Eternal Traveller Syndrome
Places you fall in love with at first sight. Forests, meadows and lush nature with every step you take… Crystal-clear water, heavenly beaches, surfing, waves and freedom…But above all else is discovering the culture… Exploring a village, city or country through its people. Getting to know each other, laughing together and sharing experiences… Is there anything better than getting to know people from all walks of life? Falling so heavily in love with a place that the only thing you will be looking for on a map is which place to visit next…

Has it ever happened to you? Dreaming about travelling and not just over a course of a holiday but throughout your entire life? Travelling to a place with the idea of integrating into your new destination for some time? Do you arrive home after a long trip and immediately start planning the next? Does this sound familiar to you? We are sure this has happened to you at least once. This is called the Eternal Traveller Syndrome and it is more common than you might think.

You return home after your magical trip to some paradisiacal destination and everything reminds you of it. Your work, city and day-to-day obligations… Nothing fits right with you. How did you live like this before? People who suffer from this syndrome are addicted to all kinds of experiences that lead them to move away from home even if its is only a few miles. Travelling is addictive, something that eternal travellers know only too well.

They say that the best way to get out of your comfort zone is by travelling. In only this way can we open our minds to other cultures and ways of seeing the world. This is something eternal travellers know to a T. It does not matter where, when or why. The only thing that matters is not missing out any place on earth. This does not just mean seeing the places but also immersing ourselves in them. Any excuse is a good excuse to set off along a new path.

Eternal Traveller Syndrome

People who suffer from this strange addiction greatly believe that true happiness is not just found in one place but in many. It is exactly this mentality that leads them to continuously plan trips or travel the world without having a fixed home.

Travelling is exciting. With it, you get to discover the world and enjoy unforgettable experiences. Travelling is living; it’s freedom. And perhaps it is freedom that, for some of us who want to feel we are living life fully, is the most difficult part. Perhaps, to live life to the fullest we have to carry on travelling. After all, would it be such a bad thing for us all to be slightly eternal travellers?


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