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We are ecocentric, discover our movement and how to become a part of it.

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We are ecocentric. Yes. We are concerned about our environment. We want our beaches to remain crystal-clear, so that our families can continue to take a swim in them. And we have decided to talk about it to see if we can bring out the ecocentrist inside us all.

Did you know we manage 12 million sq. m of land? Our Tourism Group, Grupo Piñero, has 27 hotels and a number of residential complexes in Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica; 4 golf courses surrounded by nature and 7 kms of beach in the Caribbean.

We know that represents a major responsibility to the environment and to society, so we thought one day about how we could add our grain of sand (from the beach, of course) and we came to the conclusion that we human beings are naturally egocentric. Seriously, it’s nothing to be ashamed of: it’s our nature! We all want to prosper, to survive. We want the best. For ourselves, for our children, our people, our neighborhood, our city… And we quickly saw that this, if it gets bigger, in the end, all of us together, would end up taking over our planet. The “do-gooder” option hasn’t worked very well so far, maybe if we encourage ecocentrism… we can do it.

So… in what way are we ecocentric?


A full 100% of our hotels and residential complexes are on the coast… So we have developed a mega plan to improve our beaches, the water and all their biodiversity. We call this mega plan PGIL (Plan de Gestión Integral del Litoral or “Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan”) and we have a team of expert geologists, biologists and engineers who have come up with incredible, sustainable ways of maintaining our coastal ecosystem.

playa la romana


We maintain our surrounding landscape to ensure a symbiosis between its elements, helping to ensure that it lasts. We take care of a real Mayan garden, we promote a beautiful ecological pathway, we have relocated endangered trees… All of that seems easy enough… But is it possible for a golf course to respect the terrain and biodiversity?

Not only is it possible, but with the help of the right specialists it is even feasible to promote it. Playing golf alongside ancient sinkholes, waiting for a crocodile to pass by before hitting your ball, or walking among endangered species with your caddy is a true ecocentric act.

ecoistas golf

The same is true of our residential complexes and hotels, which not only respect local flora, but the landscaping is filled with protected and endangered endemic species. We have already recovered over 100 species. And over 5000 trees planted in the past 3 years.


We have begun to plant native fruit trees at our hotels, so that our guests experience harvesting, the true flavors, and enjoy the connection with the source of everything. Over 20 different fruit trees so far. And to help this project bloom, we are cataloging native species that can potentially be used in gardening.

ecositas flora

We also use plant waste to produce our own fertilizers… Fertilizing to help our ecocentrism grow and grow…


At our destinations not only do we respect local species, but many of them also coexist with our guests.

Red-eyed treefrogs, hummingbirds, Jamaican hutias, sassy coatis, American crocodiles (this is more shy, don’t worry)… We also promote nesting for protected birds, and it is a privilege to say that our beaches have facilitate the birth of over one million sea turtles since 2010.

And one of our most ecocentric enclaves is Samaná Bay, the world’s largest sanctuary for humpbacked whale watching.

ballena samana

The Caribbean is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet, but it is also our home. And as long as we can, we will take care of everything that lives here.


ecoistas vecinos

In all the communities in which we operate, we will try to make the ecocentric shock wave grow. Giving talks at schools and social centers, buying from nearby co-ops… Or doing something as simple as donating recycling bins to area schools. These actions bring us closer together each day, so that in the end wonderful things happen, such as local associations turning to us to promote countless social and environmental actions.

Sometimes we go together to clean public beaches, and we are often invited to parties and events, where we take the opportunity to sew the ecocentric ideal everywhere.

How to be more ecocentric?

como ser mas ecoista

A good ecocentrist is made, not born. Here are some of the things you can do. No pressure.

1. Use biodegradable or reef-friendly sunscreen.
2. Control how much water you use. Reuse towels, close the tap while brushing your teeth and all those things that are already crystal-clear to you. To help you out a little, we have attached water savers to all the taps.
3. Use natural light, use energy-efficient lightbulbs, turn things off.
4. Don’t step on plants off the paths. If you want to walk in the jungle, contact our tour center.
5. Recycle whatever you can. At our hotels and residential complexes, we make it easy.
6. Consume local products and responsible brands.
7. Plant trees or plants. If the Amazon isn’t handy, use your balcony or your garden.
8. Consume less. In general. Clothes, electronics, cosmetics, junk food… This is actually the most direct way to reduce the degradation of the environment.
9. Practice sustainable tourism. Ensure that you travel supporting companies that also help make things better.
10. Think about the planet that you want to leave to your children. Or to your nieces and nephews.


This movement is aimed at all those who believe that this extraordinary planet is THEIRS. Are you up for it? Visit our website and learn more about our movement.

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